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Best Places To Study History And Art Abroad For International Students

best places to student history and arts abroad as international students

The experience of studying abroad for students – especially for students mastering in arts and history (and observing master pieces related to their field) is invaluable in terms of furthering one’s education and knowledge.  A famous quote from The Dead Poet’s Society goes something like:

“Medicine, law, business, engineering- these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love- these are what we stay alive for” (Robin Williams as John Keating in The Dead Poet’s Society).
Study History And Art in Abroad

Among the many fields of study that help to improve our world, studying art and history should also be considered significant as they inspire and teach us innumerable lessons from the past that help us evolve our present and enhance our future with new creative and innovative ways.

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Artists generally have a deep desire to expose themselves to various types of inspiration hidden away not only in historical art but also their surroundings as well. Thus, it is important for those who wish to pursue a career in Arts to broaden their horizons and try to travel to different countries and enroll into the best art protgrams abroad.

It is equally important to look into the top history programs abroad as history allows us to become aware of man’s history and how we have transformed from nomadic cavemen to civilized nations thriving on technological developments.

Since we aim to help you in broadening your artistic horizons, we travelled and researched some of the best cities in the world where one can study history and art abroad while being able to truly appreciate the two subjects.

List Of Best Places To Study History And Art Abroad For International Students


The city of love is not only famous for the Effiel Tower but is also home to more than 100 museums varying in size and specialties. You can wander through renowned exhibits (something that isn’t possible if one is a mere tourist). The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world and holds more than 35,000 objects amongst which is the renowned Mona Lisa of the Renaissance era.

Rich in history and lovely architectural, textile and fashion-inspired art, France is a hot spot for students wishing to study history and art abroad.

Study History And Art in Abroad


Lorenzo de Medici is located in the city of Florence; studying and living in the Italian countryside is a dream in itself. Top it off with being able to roam around historical places such as Giotto, Brunelleschi, Dante, and many other places that contributed to art (making it the heart of rich architecture, fine arts and history) can be considered as a very delicious icing on a cake, offering some of the world’s most premium history programs abroad and art programs abroad.

How incredible would it be to visit and study in Italy where Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Brunelleschi, Dante, Galileo and Machiavelli made history and changed the world.

florence italy best place to study arts and history


International students are bound to find the Netherlands to be a fascinating destination for studying history and art due to the life style there as well as the high quality of education, work opportunities even while being on a student visa as well as being provided a work visa for one year upon graduating which often leads to long-term employment.

The Utrecht University was founded in 1636, is ranked #1 in the country and is one of the leading research universities in Europe.

Utrecht Netherlands have best institute to learn history


Spanning over centuries, Chinese art ranges from calligraphy and painting to sculptures and pottery. Furthermore, ceramics, textile and porcelain as well as visual representation of birds, landscapes and flowers are very popular amongst people.

The city of Beijing is home to some of the most renowned historical places such as as the Forbidden City which was built in Ming Dynasty and houses numerous rare historical assets regarding the Imperial families of ancient China; the National Museum of China is the third most visited museum in the world; the National Art museum of China is spread over 18000 square meters and houses more than 100,000 pieces with invaluable historical significance as well as several masterpieces from the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China era.

Plus China, being a global economic power offers top-class education  for art and history subjects which is another cherry on the top!

 beijeng center of arts and history china


Greeks gave birth to western classical art and created some of the first sculptures, statures and pottery. The historical settings, works, and stories offered by Greece makes studying there an experience of a lifetime. It is a visual treat for people who love sketching, photography, and painting. One of the most fascinating features found in the city is an ancient temple that was made in dedication to the goddess Athena by the name of The Acropolis and is an inspiration to all.

study arts and history in Greece

Apart from this Breeder Gallery as well as the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre are modern institutions that houses artistic innovations and the street graffiti in the city also reflects the various political movements that occurred throughout the Greek history. Several universities such as Arcadia University and CYA (College Year in Athens) provide programs for students wishing to study history and art abroad and help them understand the Greek culture as well.


The art scene in Australia is varied due to its long history, especially the Aboriginal Australian art is renowned for its engraving, earthy tones, rock paintings and desert landscapes along with the use of natural paints, canvases and tools.

Melbourne itself is home to more than 100 galleries that attract art lovers from around the world. Melbourne Museum and the National Gallery of Victoria. The street art in Melbourne itself is extensive thus the city makes for an excellent destination for studying art programs abroad.  

 Melbourne Australia main hub to study arts


Home to numerous artistic structures and history, Granada is also filled with a rich culture. University of Granada has a great rating in regards to their curriculum and general student life, offering some of the finest history programs abroad for students rooted with a passion for history.

Students also have the opportunity to visit the ancient Alhambra which had once been an Islamic citadel in the past and has now not only been transformed into a palace and a fortress complex but has also been made into a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 Granada Spain a great place to study history


The city of Berlin is not only cultural and artistic in nature but has also played a vital role in the history of Europe, especially in modern times. Students will be able to observe the rich history the city has to offer which ranges from World War II to the Cold War and much more. Students will also be able to go on excursions in and around the city and observe the art scene intimately.

Berlin Germany is a great place to study arts and history


The entire city of Helsinki is considered to be safe and student friendly, and was nominated as the Most Livable City in the world in the year 2011. By grabbing an opportunity to study there, one can become acquainted with Finland’s excellent and practical lifestyle as well as the culture there.

There are also many adventurous places in the city that one can visit in their free time. Both art and history subjects and programs are offered by the University of Helsinki along with work opportunities after graduation.

Helsinki Finland arts and history


South African art is well-known for not only its vibrant colors but also for its focus on significant issues related to inequality, race, animal conservation along with colonialism and culmination of local culture is often seen reflected in multiple artistic pieces in South Africa. The city has many economical art programs to offer that are equally enlightening and exciting.

cape town a major hub for African culture

If you’re a student interested in studying history and art abroad, you must first decide the type and duration of the program you want to undertake; you can decide to complete you entire degree programs abroad or travel to the location of the source of your research area. Many colleges and universities also offer summer- based art and history subjects and program opportunities which can be great for students with a desire to explore the world one place at a time.

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