Top Ranked Apple and Android Tablets For Students in 2024

the top Apple and Android tablets for students in 2019

Apple and Android Tablets

Tablets may be small but they can act as a replacement of laptop in an easy and productive way, thus making them so useful for college students who are always on-the-go and looking for something portable yet efficient for their work. Tablets can support the workflow and have all functions which a student can need to go on with the routine workflow and activities of university or college life.

Today we are going to talk about the top ranked Apple and Android tablets for students in 2021 and how they can provide a lot of comfort and ease to the users in so many forms.  Let’s get started:

IPad Pro 11.

Though a tad bit expensive, this tablet undoubtedly is one of the most efficient devices of Apple and comes first in our list of best tablets for taking notes in class.

Students can get the experience of a lifetime when they will feel the floating of the Apple pencil over the frame of this amazing iPad Pro 11. Using this tablet means having the experience of using a laptop.


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It has good speakers, good screen and a body to die for. It is impossible not to fall in love with this beautifully crafted tablet and there are so many reasons why it is ranked among the finest tablets 2019.  


It’s Resolution is – 2388 x 1668 pixels

Rear camera is 12MP

Front camera is 7 MP

Screen size is 11 inches

It’s weight is 468g

It also has a pencil and a keyboard which add to the beauty of this amazing masterpiece.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Students who want to go for the affordable options should consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. The Samsung Galaxy 5Se is slim, smart, highly aesthetic and offers just about everything. Samsung has slimmed down this beautiful tablet to just 5.5 mm and with weight that’s less than a pound. This means that it is easy to carry and is lightweight. All the students who go on a regular commute can take this portable tablet with them anywhere they desire.

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This Galaxy Tab comes with Quad speaker system which is too good to experience the audio and visual treat. It is available in different colours ranging from gold, silver and black and also has two options in RAM.   One can buy this tablet at 4GB ram or 64GB Ram.

As far as the battery life of this premium tablet is concerned then that is 15 hours. The battery time clearly shows what an outstanding asset this tablet can be in the life of a University student.

Other than that, the software showcases the content which is most relevant. The best thing about this tablet is that it can be controlled with voice commands. If you want to play with your Smart home devices or you want this tab to change your playlist, then you can simply command it and it will be done.

It has the potential and capability to make life much easier for the students and it comes second in our list of the top ranked tablets for students on a budget.

best tablets for taking notes in class

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 pro

Lenovo Yoga Tablet is such an aesthetic and good looking tablet. Along with a posh exterior, it also offers a lot of things which can be of great help for university students and for anyone who wishes to use it.

Let’s talk about the features!

  • Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro has a 10.1 inch IPS display with the resolution of 32560 x 1600.
  • This tablet has a built in projector. You may wonder why the projector? Well in certain situations we all have to share screen with someone else. Sometimes it can happen that the 10 inches screen of this tablet may not feel sufficient. In such a scenario one can use 70 inch image with the help of its projector on the wall.
  • This tablet has 4 JBL speakers and it has all the support for Dolby atmos.
  • One can easily connect this handy tablet to a Bluetooth speaker for a full fledged entertainment experience.
  • This tablet has a long-lasting battery which can work up to 16 to 17 hours. With the help of this tablet, anyone can binge watch as many seasons as they desire without bothering about the fact that the battery is going to die real soon.
  • It has an Intel atmos processor and it comes into the category of Android 6.0.
  • As its hardware is pretty large so it can be used for so many multimedia purposes.
  • It has an excellent built-in display and projector which gives amazing viewing options to the users

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

Amazon fire 7 kids edition is honestly the best gadget you could get for your kids while they’re in their learning phase. For all those who are looking for the budget friendly and efficient tablets for their children should go for Amazon fire 7 kids edition.

Let’s talk about the features of this optimum tablet for kids.

  • An economical tablet and possibly the best gift for your children to educate their young minds in a fun way, the Amazon fire 7 edition comes with different designs and it can be bought in different colours ranging from Blue, pink and yellow.
  • This tablet has a 7 inch IPS display screen and it offer great visuals on the screen.
  • This tablet comes with a 2 year warranty which means that you can give this tablet back if you find any fault. As long as this tablet is not broken you will get a refund as easy as it can be possible.
  • Amazon fire 7 kids edition comes with parental controls. This means that parents can put different restrictions on this tablet so kids do not become the victim of Cyber Bullying and do not watch the adult material on internet.
  • This excellent tablet is waterproof, has a large selection of content for games and books and it offers the users with one year of free time. In that one year you can watch whatever you like and play whatever you desire without paying anything.
  • It was probably the most affordable tablets of 2019 and one can get it in just 99 Dollars. Amazon will give you a discount if you will go for two tablets instead of one. This way you will have the chance to save 20% of the budget.

top ranked tablets for college students on a budget

Microsoft surface pro 6

When talking about the best tablets for taking notes in class, one cannot ignore Microsoft Surface Pro 6. It is a common belief that only Apple produces the best of tablets. However this version of Microsoft tablet has exceeded all expectations and is too good and effectual for so many things. Let’s move towards the features:

  • This Microsoft tablet is the best replacement for laptops and it has all the best things in one single place.
  • This Microsoft pro tablet runs Windows 10 and it is safe to say that it is the most modern tablet which exists in today’s digital market.
  • The digital library of this amazing tablet has so much to offer. It has so much content, games and other features that it becomes hard for users to come to terms with the fact that it might take some time to explore and enjoy it all.
  • One can get a full fledged laptop experience while using it because it runs a full version of Window 10.
  • Microsoft Pro 6 has a Shiny and beautiful 12.3 screen.
  • It has a resolution of 2736 x 1824.
  • The battery of this tablet can last up to 10 hours. This means that you can binge watch seasons and your favourite games without bothering about the battery.
  • It comes in black and platinum colours and they are both beautiful to hold and look at.
  • It has different configurations and users can choose from these configurations to have the best experience with this tablet.
  • It is available in 8GB or 16GB Ram and it has an Intel Core.
  • One can store up to 512 GB data on this outstanding gadget.

HP zBook

HP Z book comes last in our list of top ranked tablets for students on a budget. This laptop has the potential to give the users are very user-friendly interface and smooth experience. One can safely say it has all special elements in it that are true to the HP brand and is packed into this tablet and it is fabulous to use for the desired purpose. Let’s talk about the features.

  • This tablet has a professional look and is best to use in offices or business meetings. You can even do your complex office related projects on it.
  • It has an Intel Core which is called i7.
  • This tablet is available in 32GB Ram.
  • This tablet has a 14 inch IPS touch screen display. This display is anti-glare and it provides the users with 4K resolution.
  • Talking about the sensitivity level of this budget friendly tablet, it is safe to say that users can utilise an amazing 4096 pressure sensitivity level by using this tablet.

top ranked Apple and Android tablets for students in 2021

The best thing about tablets is that they are portable and so easy to carry. This makes them the best travel assets and this also makes them the most potent gadgets. These top ranked Apple and Android tablets for students in 2021 discussed above are all tested and well-known for their quality and for providing users with a streamlined, long-lasting experience.



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