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5 Gadgets College Students Think They Need But Don’t

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Life of a student is not an easy one. There are so many things that a student has to go to through to get marks, good grades, high achievements and to get ahead in life. In such difficult scenarios, gadgets have proved to be essential assets. With the help of gadgets, students have made a lot of achievements in their academic career.

5 Gadgets College Students

Take for instance the example of laptop. Life before a laptop was so cumbersome especially for students. They had to write everything by hand and invest a lot of their time and energy into something they would never need afterwards. However now, with the help of laptop students can save their lectures, make notes, do their assignments in a quicker and more efficient way & do just about anything on it.  Thus, there’s no denying that technology has made our life easy and proved itself to be a great friend of students.

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Nonetheless, there are certain tech gadgets not needed by students anymore even if he or she thinks that they do. In this blog, we are going to talk about the gadgets you think you need but you definitely don’t. So let’s start.


It doesn’t matter how much the summer deals and promotions tempt you to buy a printer, just don’t.

It is true that a printer can be bought in around $100 but it is also true that the ink cartridge replacement would cost you $30 and papers will cost you $20. This means that a student has to spend $200 on a printer itself.

Those students who are on the budget definitely cannot afford this hefty price and they don’t even have to because today printers have become a Tech gadget not needed by students anymore. Students need to remember that colleges allow them to print a number of pages for free. Usually students can take advantage of this option in a library with the help of their student id card.

There are certain schools and they charge a minimum printing fee of 0.10 dollars for black and white print. We can take the example of Harvard University and Yale University in this regard. Even in these schools students can print 200 pages easily without bothering about the budget.

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It is important to ask the professors if you could email them the required documents so that you can save any amount that you have will have to spend on printing. In most cases, assignments usually have to be emailed or submitted to the subject’s online portal.

5 Gadgets College Students

External Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive

Many students think that they definitely need an external hard drive which may cost them $60 or a flash drive which may cause them $13 for backing up their academic work.

Students have this fear that someday their laptops would stop working and that they would lose all the data which they have made with so much difficulty. If students really want to back-up the data then they don’t need the external hard drive or flash drive now. They always have the option to go for free file storage platforms instead.

For instance we can take an example of a google Dropbox that is linked to an individual’s Gmail I.D and can be signed in from any device. This Dropbox allow the users to store up to 2GB of files for free. Yes, a student can store 2GB of files for free in a Dropbox. If your data exceeds from 2GB then by paying a little price users can store up to 15 GB data.

There are chances that students never surpass the 2GB limit because a single document carries so little space. Take for instance the example of a typical 500 word essay. It is just 29.5 KB. At such rate it is safe to say that students will never be able to surpass the 2GB limit of drop box and that is why it is an asset for students. There is another option which students can use and that is iCloud on the Apple devices.

Smartphones are undoubtedly essential, modern educational gadgets for college students and every working professional but as far as the external drive and USB flash drive is concerned, that they are not.

gadgets that students no longer reuqire usb

Alarm Clock

There was a time when an alarm clock used to be essential gadget that college student needs but what if we tell you that you do not need an alarm clock in these modern times at all.

Think for instance, an alarm clock will cost a student $55 and there is no point in spending these $55 on an alarm clock when students can wake themselves up with another option.

If a student has a smartphone then simply by using clock app (already installed on their smartphones), they can rid themselves from the need of having an alarm clock in their room or dorm.

In 2010, a survey at Stanford University concluded that almost 89% of college students use their iPhone or Android as alarms. This was in 2010 now it is 2019 and in this highly advanced era some students still using an alarm clock to wake themselves up in the morning. This is probably because many of us get so tired after a long day that we forget to put the phone on charge or are too lazy to do so. Or maybe some of us have a fear that the phone’s battery is low and may die over the night. In this case, your best bet is to buy a portable charger and keep it with you at all times. This way you can put your phone on charge right next to you even while you are lying down. A portable charger is a must-have for students on the go.

Thus, use the alarm clock app on your smartphones as an alarm clock and that is it.

gadgets that students no longer reuqire

Branded Headphones

It is true that branded headphones make a style statement and that they are good to boost about.

There are many other uses of headphones, for instance they can be used for study sessions, they can also be used to listen to the music and students can also use these headphones to block out the external noise but why do you think that you need a branded headphone for all this purposes?

Apple ear pods can cost around $29 and the colourful Beats headphones cost around hundred dollars. There is one other brand which is called Bose. Those headphones can cost a student up to 150 or 250 dollars.

We think that it is too expensive for the budget of a student and to be very honest branded headphones is not an essential gadgets for students at all.

Branded headphones make a hard bargain. There are other options available in the market and they can be utilised in this purpose.

For instance CVC sells colourful earbuds. These earbuds are so good that they can be compared with apple products. The good thing about CVC is that one can buy them only at 9.99 dollars. Students can also shop the ear buds on Amazon. There they can find the ear buds for $5 to $10. When students have these options available then we don’t think that student needs to go to branded headphone options because a branded headphone will only be heavy on the pocket and there is no guarantee that they are going to stay with students for a long time.

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There are some schools which allow the students to lend the ear buds from the library for free. For instance we can take the example of University of Tennessee in this regard.

Headphone rentals are extremely famous in the University of Tennessee and almost 30,000 undergraduates make the use of it.

It is never a good idea to spend so much money on branded headphones because branded headphones do not make to the list of economical gadgets for students.

expensive gadgets not needed by students


Students who live in hostels can understand that television is almost a necessity. Students who live at hostels have very few options of entertainment with them.

They stay without their family and they don’t have any means of entertainment.

An entertainment is a necessary aspect of a student life and for this purpose there are chances that a student is willing to go to buy a television for hostel.

We would say that it is not a good idea to try to buy a television for hostel. There is another way and by adopting this way students can rid themselves of this completely non essential gadgets for University students. Who is not aware of Netflix.

Netflix is that amazing platform which offers students to watch free movies at the expense of few cubes.

if you are into entertainment and you want to make sure that you watch a movie or two on the weekends then it is important that you buy a subscription of Netflix.  

This amazing platforms is famous for its amazing seasons and dramas. Here one can watch movies in different cultures as well.

For instance if you are breaking bad fan then you can get the entire season of breaking bad on Netflix.

Television is a useless and non essential gadgets for hostel life but Netflix is a useful and essential gadget for college and university students.

We have listed for you best Tech gadgets of 2019. There are gadgets which are extremely important for college life  and on the other hand there are gadgets which are not essential for college students.

It is never a good idea to spend money on something which is useless but it is important for University students to make the right choices because a University student is almost always on budget.

This one is for University students, make the right choices, save money and stay away from non economic useless gadgets.

useless tech products that students require no more

It is never a good idea to spend money on something which is useless but it is important for university students to make the right choices because they’re mostly on a budget. It is always a good idea to go for modern educational gadgets for college students that are useful in nature instead of going for something that’s heavy on pocket and also outdated like the ones mentioned above.

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