Privacy Policy

This website is operated and owned by Scholars ace and is committed to protect the privacy of your personal information every step of the way. As a part of that vow, this policy explains our data and privacy protection methods, including the information we collect and its usage. By using our website, you are agreeing to the collection, maintenance and use of your personal information as defined in the statement below. We urge you analyze our entire privacy policy thoroughly.

Data protection is of highest priority to us. The use of our website is possible without a single hint of personal data, nonetheless if you wish to utilize particular services through our site, processing and collection of personal data can be necessary. Our team will take you consent every time before collecting any personal data.

Being a professional service provider, we have implemented numerous organizational and technical measures to have your personal data completely protected. Please note that we only collect personal information when you wish to use a particular service- registering on our site to inquire about a college or search for scholarships and aids and signing up for receiving newsletters or any other related offers. In such cases we always ask for consent which is usually given via a check box which clearly identifies the purpose of information collection while directing you to this policy.

We comply with every data subject right as per law including the right to access, confirmation, erasure, rectification, data portability, restriction of processing and the rights to withdraw consent and object.

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