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Sustainable Development Goals of UN for UAE

Sustainable Development Goals of UN: Goal 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

What Are Sustainable Development Goals? Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also popularly called Global Goals, are worldwide appeals to act to protect the planet, end poverty and make sure that people enjoy prosperity and peace globally.All...
studying abroad in summer and winter break

Best Summer And Winter Break Study Abroad Programs

Students all around the world aim to pursue higher education abroad but never really get the opportunity to go for it due to time constraints, financial burdens and a pile of other reasons. Well,...
A girl in the cage of insecurities

A Girl In The Cage Of Insecurities

When are you going to get married? What is your age? Are you doing a job? What is your salary? Why do you have pimples on your face? Why have you become so fat?...

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