5 Must-have Tech Accessories For Students Below $50

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We live in an electronic era and that is why it is possible now for us to make our lives much more convenient than before. Back in time students did not even have a calculator with them. If they wanted to do a mathematical calculation then they were dependent on a sheet of paper and pen but now things have changed drastically.

5 Affordable Must Have Student Tech Accessories

Science has rendered great services on us – it has made our life easy, convenient and effortless. Gadgets are the new rage and they are going to stay in for good. With the improvement in scientific methods, scientists are coming up with different things which are too handy and an essential for university students for University students.

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It is important as a University student that you save money and for this reason it is important that you buy gadgets that are budget friendly. Today we are going to talk about the helpful, must-have tech accessories for students below $50 that are totally worth the hype and promise to make your student life easier and more exciting.

A Scientific Calculator

Gone are the days when a University student could depend on a regular calculator. There is this thing about regular calculators. They can only help us when we are doing simple calculations like plus, minus, multiplication and division.

In college life mathematics is much more advanced where students are likely to do a lot of geometry, theorems and fractions. An electronic scientific calculator is that one gadget that students of high school levels and beyond surely need.

This amazing gadget can helps them in solving the Math problems much more effectively and accurately. This calculator is even allowed in examinations and this is why it is a prerequisite gadget for students.

The best part about an electronic scientific calculator is that one can buy it under $50. It is not expensive and is easily available.

For all the students who are not making much progress in maths class because they are still dragging the regular calculator with them should switch to scientific calculator. With the help of this gadget, one can make his life easy with quicker solutions.

Cooler Master NotePal XSlim cooling pad

We all will agree that the continuous use of laptop can damage its hardware and besides that, laptops aren’t easy to carry for 8 to 9 hours straight in the college campus. For this reason, the cooler master NotePal XSlim is an excellent laptop cooling accessory with all its excellent, necessary features.

Since its inception the Cool pad has taken the internet by storm. It serves two purposes. First cooler master XSlim makes sure that the internal hardware of a computer is not overheated and secondly it makes no sound when it’s switched on.

Imagine this scenario, the professor is delivering a lecture, you have your laptop on and you are recording the lecture on it. At the same time in the pin drop silence of a classroom your laptop fan is churning. Such a scenario can be very agonising and undoubtedly embarrassing too.

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The best thing about this handy item is that students can buy it under $50. The best part? With its lightweight and slim design, it’s portable and super-easy to carry too, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t take it to your class.

Portable External Hard Drive

Before we go into the description and benefits of portable external hard drive imagine this scenario.

Suppose it is your last semester and along with preparing for the examinations you are also making your thesis.  

We are all aware of how difficult a thesis can be. From writing the introduction to writing the chapters to writing the conclusion, it is draining.

We also know that students keep their thesis in their laptops. Imagine one day there is a voltage fluctuation in your area, your laptop was plugged in and you were working on your thesis and suddenly your laptop shuts itself down and you realize that all the data from your laptop is gone. Simply imagining a situation like this seems so horrifying itself.

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This scenario depicts the importance of having a backup. There is no point in keeping a backup of a file in a computer because if the window fails everything else will be deleted.

So it is important to have a portable external hard drive and should be included in your list of cool gadgets on Amazon under $50, so they can back up their data from computers to their external hard drives.

 5 Affordable Must Have Student Tech Accessories

You can also store up photos, songs etc in an external portable hard drive (if your phone’s memory is full) and can use this device to back up everything from PC to Mac to even an Xbox, thus, it can store whatever you want in it in no time so it should be with you.

The best thing about portable external hard drive is that students can easily buy it under $50. It is true that some external hard drives are expensive but it is entirely possible to find a portable external hard drive which is economical enough.

There is this thing with portable external hard drive and that is, it does not provide much security so it’s better if you do not put sensitive information into your external hard drive because anyone can operate it.

must-have tech accessories for students below $50

LED desk lamp

As we have already discussed that the life of a University student can be tough. The only time they get a chance to study is at night and even then because most of the students live in hostels, they don’t get enough privacy.

Students who are heavy sleepers are not much bothered about light but there are students who do not tolerate the presence of light while they are sleeping.

In this scenario if a student wants to study at night then LED desk lamp can serve amazing purposes. An LED desk lamp is a useful gadget for useful gadget for university students under $50 and can serve so many purposes. While others in the room are sleeping, a student can easily go through his syllabus and homework in minimum light. moreover the led desk lamps have the potential to attract students to study in a more productive way.

This lamp will not bother anyone because the light is minimum and the best thing about LED desk lamp is that one can buy it easily under $50 from Amazon. It is also really easy to carry.

Heated Travel Mug

The last in our list of must-have tech accessories for students below $50 is a heated travel mug. University student’s budget can be tight all the time and it’s not always possible for them to go to Starbucks and to buy a coffee for themselves. However, it is entirely possible for students to buy a heated travel mug.

It is an electric mug that keeps your tea/coffee heated while you’re on your way to college or even during classes so you don’t have to worry about heating your beverages over and over again. The best bit is that in case your beverage gets cold after a few hours, you can always warm it up with the help of USB charger.

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Heated electronic travel mug come with a charger. It is easy to carry, portable and it is definitely a go-to, useful gadget for university students under $50. 

Many students need the caffeine content present in these beverages to remain active in class, attend lectures all day and listen to their instructors and that is where this handy item comes in to save the say. Oh and did we mention that you can purchase a top quality electronic mug under $50?

cool gadgets on Amazon under $50

To sum it up, these outstanding, cool gadgets on Amazon under $50, have the potential to keep a student in a light and vibrant side.



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