What Clever Electronics Do University Students Really Need?

Clever Electronics Do University Students Really Need

Nothing beats the feeling of a new semester – isn’t it the ideal time for us to set even more effective goals and turn into a new leaf?  As university and colleges get deeper into the semester, us students can get ready for added success by using these clever, helpful gadgets. So here we discuss what clever electronics do university students really need?

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Whether you are green around the edges or counting days to graduation, from productivity technology to dorm essentials, here are the best electronics for university students of every field , that will make the most of your university experience:

Below Is The List Of All Clever Electronics Do University Students Really Need

Bluetooth Coffee Maker

Coffee is that one thing which has the potential to make one feel lively and vibrant. University students are mostly so busy all the time, they don’t get the time to sip on hot brewing coffee and go get a fresh one but now that problem can be solved with the help of Bluetooth coffee maker.

You don’t have to carry this coffee maker around like your books or bags, just carry the Bluetooth coffee maker once to your university, put the coffee maker in your locker and whenever you need it simply operate the Bluetooth coffee maker with the help of WeMo app on your smartphone and enjoy your hot cup any time anywhere.

best electronic for university students of every field

Kindle Voyage

No one can deny that paper books can be expensive. When you are a University student then it is very important to save even a single penny.

Instead of having the paper books around, go for digital books. Yes, it is entirely possible for you to go for eBooks rather than going for paper books and that is where Kindle Voyage saves the day.

Not only are they super-easy to carry all day round, but also provide with an interactive experience, making your studies all-the-more exciting at the most economical rates.

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Instead of going for paper books, go for Amazon Prime membership and take advantage of Kindle owners’ lending library. From there, you can select your desired book out of a wide range of more than 600,000 kinds of books.

Kindle voyage has many classics and mostly literature students can avail the classics for the study as well. As far as the College Tech Essentials In 2019 are concerned, this one is definitely in the list.


modern kindle for students in abroad countries

An External Hard Disk

In the list of handy educational tech gadgets for students in higher education, an external hard disc is definitely a prerequisite. Anything can happen to a laptop anytime so to be certain that you are not going to ruins with unavailable data, it is important that you buy an external hard disc.

Also, with digital teaching being an important part of the curriculum these days, it is essential that students keep backing up that digital data with the help of an external hard disc.

An external hard disc will back up your desired data and will save you a lot of trouble. Plus it is lightweight and affordable which makes it much more looked-for as one of the best electronics for university students of every field.

One can backup work, backup files, backup photos or anything which they desire from their computer on a hard disk.

portable hard drives electronic gadgets for students

Nimbus Smart Dashboard

This dashboard is not an apple watch but it acts like one. The best thing about nimbus smart dashboard is that it keeps you updated about your social media happenings.

For instance; if you have any mail due but you don’t have time to go to a laptop over and over again then you can simply put the Nimbus smart dashboard for that purpose.

Nimbus smart dashboard will notify you when that email will arrive. Other than this, it has many other amazing options too. For instance, it allows you to use a next level alarm clock or a virtual assistant whose function is to keep you updated at regular intervals.

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This device has 4 dials and these dials show you the most important incoming emails, social media, weather and traffic updates.

So for example, if you want to see if there is enough traffic on your way to a University then you can access that information from this excellent device, making it an essential educational tech gadget for students in higher education.

Smart Phones Applications

Smartphone is definitely a must-have these today and there is nothing like it.  A smart phone can make your world a global village with the tips of your finger. It doesn’t matter which smartphone you use but it matters that it has internet.  

Here’s a list of a few applications that you can access via your IPhone or android smartphones, that can be very effective for you if you are University going student, making your student life much more productive and easy.


Udemy is an excellent application in app store and play store through which you can learn a great deal about different courses. It allows the students to learn different academic courses free of cost.

There are so many courses which you can get free of cost related to IT, general psychology, philosophy, law and music.

Other than that it also has a paid feature and by accessing that paid feature you can access the advanced lectures as well at the most cost-effective rates whenever and wherever you desire.

Coursera Mobile App

Coursera is an app that offers premium specializations and certificates online that students can utilize to show that they’ve completed a course and series of classes.

The best part is that Coursera works with different top-notch universities globally and they are the ones that provide this E-platform with relevant content.

You can choose to study and work at your own pace – the timetables are flexible so you can find a good balance between your university classes and the learning material on Coursera.

Whether you are a business graduate, a social science enthusiast or a tech-savvy individual, this outstanding portal has something top-notch to offer for everyone.

The certificates that the platform offers are an amazing way to both motivate and incentivize students to accomplish for more and fulfill their goals. It’s also an outstanding bonus to your academic profile when it comes to employment.

modern gadgets for university goers

Otter Box Phone Charging Case

University life can be chaotic at times. A student has to attend so many lectures, to go to different campuses to attend those classes, manage his schedule between classes, study breaks, lunch breaks etc and there are times when it is not always possible for them to get access to an electronic charger.

For this reason there is a tech gadget called the Ottor Box phone charging case. It is like a portable solar phone charging case that lets your charge your phone’s battery anywhere you want.

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Throughout the day, it is possible for you to charge your phone with the help of OttorBox phone charging case and it is definitely one of the most effective college tech essentials in 2019, especially for those who go to their hostels and homes after a long day.


How could we skip this? University life is all about taking notes, doing assignments, working on online class portals etc and surviving those rigorous semesters without a laptop is impossible.

With the help of laptop, science has made student life like a digital library and so much easier. It is also a good idea if you buy external hard drive or flash USB drive to store the data but you can also opt for storing your data in the Dropbox folder which it much more easier to access.

Dropbox should be linked to your Gmail google account so once you sign in from your ID, no matter the device; you will easily be able to access your data via your personal google Dropbox folder.

Using Dropbox, students can store up to 2 GB of data in an effective way without the help of an external device or flash drive, and is surely the most important and best electronic for university students of every field.

Students want to back up the data from the laptop then they can also use the internal storage of Apple device which is called iCloud. Nonetheless laptop is amazing and it should be there with students all the time.

university laptop essentials 2020

It is high time that students reap the fruits of science in the best possible way and these handy gadgets mentioned above ensure that university students make the most of your education through seamless and smart learning.

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