Best Cities To Teach Abroad In China

best cities to teach abroad in china

Teaching is prophetic. God taught Adam about the etiquettes of Earth and Adam taught Eve about the way of life. We have been learning since the very start and we will never stop learning till the end of life.

Teaching is less like a profession and teach English  in abroad more like a passion and mentorship. Teaching is a divine profession and there is no reason in the world why you should not choose it for your career.

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Not all teachers get the desired environment where they have the possibility of growth. It may be possible that the teaching institutions in one’s native land are not up to the mark and this is why aspiring teachers would want to teach abroad in China for added experience, change of opportunities and career growth. There are so many benefits which one can get while teaching on an international level. Here’s to list a few:

  • When a person decides to move abroad to teach, they get a chance to explore many exotic destinations and locations that this world has to offer on their own. This way one gets a chance of personal growth and travel which is very important for self-development and self-reflection. They say that travel is the food for the soul and we mostly starve our soul. Teaching abroad gives us the perfect dose of opportunities to explore interesting cities and their amazing locations.
  • When one decides to go abroad and teach, they get a rare opportunity to live in differences countries and explore beautiful cultures. Every culture has something new to offer and we only know what is new in a culture if we go and try to live in there. It is good to know about different traditions, cultural traits and customs and we can only learn about them when living in another country and pursuing our teaching profession there.
  • Teaching on an international level is a well-paid profession. The best bit? You will be getting paid and yet you will be able to explore a whole new world. Every city has something beautiful to offer and you will see the attractiveness of the city while getting rewarded for your services to that city.
  • Teachers change lives like no other and create a positive and powerful impact on their students not just professionally but also personally. The wholesomeness and rewards of teachings inspire so many of us and opting to pursue it abroad will give you just the right amount of spark and make you feel as if you are imparting a positive impression on your students along with deep knowledge.
  • One has better chances of being more stable financially. For all those who wish to make sure that their bank accounts never run out of money should definitely try the prospect of moving abroad to teach.

Teaching Opportunities In China or Abroad

China is the largest country in the world and it is filled with marvelous places. Over the course of years, it has surpassed in different areas. The literacy rate in China is one of the greatest and people here are hard working.

One can be certain that by teaching in China they will have more career oriented options. There are so many other reasons why you should choose China for teaching abroad and we are going to list them for you. See for yourself why nothing beats an international teaching experience in China:

  • China is a dream country. When one is teaching here, they can be certain that they are going to get 21 paid holidays. One can take full advantage of their vacations to emerge in the lovely Chinese culture which is so unique and has so much to offer. The geography of China is to die for too.
  • There are wonderful tourist spots for you to explore like The Great Wall, Forbidden city and Guilin. The landscape will make you feel calm and serene.  You can also sight seen and visit these attractive places while teaching in China.
  • Don’t we all just love trying different cuisines? There’s no surprise that the Chinese have the world’s famous cuisines and dishes with them. We have been eating Chinese food all our lives but it is much different than the actual Chinese food that we get in China itself. There are so many options of food in China that you will stay amazed.
  • The varieties here are in abundance and they vary from province to province. Chinese dishes are famous all around the world and while teaching here you can entertain your taste buds as well. The world famous dishes of China include Beijing roast duck, hot pot, steamed buns dumplings, Guobaorou and so much more.
  • One of the reasons why you should choose to teach in China is that living in China is less expensive than majority developed countries. China is a budget friendly country and if you decide to teach here then your wallet will be very happy. The opportunities here are abundant for every area of teaching and you can make the most of your living there at economical rates.
  • Living in China is not expensive, the fruits, vegetables and other titbits of everyday life are affordable. The transportation and lodging here is cheap and you can have the unique experience of entertainment at reasonable rates as well. So whether you want to have a night out at a karaoke bar, a movie day out or enjoy some scrumptious food, it won’t cause a dent on your pocket.
  • The Chinese people are not just super career oriented but they are also warm and friendly. The best thing about Chinese people is that they can make you feel at home while you are away from it. At the end of your service, the Chinese students will make you miss them and that’s the beauty of teaching in China.
  • Last but not the least – Chinese people believe in entertainment. Being in China means involving yourself in various exciting activities and hobbies that make life so much easier and fun. Chinese people are great in a sense that they give a lot of luxury time to their people so everyone can pursue their passion and interests.

Teaching Opportunities In China

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Best Cities To Teach Abroad In China

We’ve talked in detail about the quality life of China and the benefits of teaching abroad opportunities there. Now we are going to list down the cities that should be on your bucket list if you want to teach abroad in China:

  1. Beijing

Beijing is tech giant and it is the well-known capital of China. It is home to 20 million people and has wonderful places to travel to. Beijing is the best option for top teaching programs in China because the schools here look for international teachers. The best thing about Beijing is that the salary is a good and not just incomes, the living standard here is extraordinary as well.

Living here is a bit expensive than in other cities of China but Beijing, because of being cosmopolitan, gives a lot of chances to people who are career oriented and looking for teaching jobs.

The food and accommodation standards are outstanding here and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be teaching in the modern day Beijing.

Beijing city view

  1. Shanghai

For all those teachers who want to have a modern, big city experience should head to Shanghai. Even though the culture here is bit traditional, it gives incredible opportunities to all those who come here.

It is one of the best choices for all the teachers who are looking for work in China. There are plenty of teaching jobs here and the remuneration is fabulous. There can be a little trouble in the hiring process since the city has many qualified candidates but once you are here and land a good job, the experience and personal growth is irreplaceable. Shanghai is a beautiful, modern city with luxurious amenities that ensure you’re anything but homesick. 

One can find amazing cuisines here ranging from Mexican, Italian, southland and American. Shanghai is a global city and it has so many options for all those who are looking for international teaching experience in China. English teachers have a scope here and they should definitely head to Shanghai.

Shanghai best city to teach in English

  1. Guilin

Out of all teaching programs in China, Guilin surely has our heart. For all those who want to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of China should definitely head to this city to teach. Guilin is small in size but it is very peaceful. The best thing about this city is that it is close to nature and one can find plenty of places where one can spend quality time outdoors.

This beautiful city has two lakes in the centre, there are mountains all around and one can go for hiking in a beautiful sunny day. Though this city is home to only 5 million people but still there is a high demand for teachers, specifically English teachers here.

The salary is very good because not many people head to Guilin for teaching. The city also features stunning landscapes and is one of the most famous tourist attractions in China.

Guilin best city to explore career

  1. Nanjing

There is no other city in China that will tell you more about its history then Nanjing. The city is known for its rich ethos and history. Though it is much smaller than the mega cities but still is very beautiful. Teachers here can afford a beautiful apartment and can have a quality life.

Top Destinations To Teach Abroad In 2019/2020

This gorgeous city is home to thousands of expats and most of them teach English. The main attraction of the city is that there are several parks here where you can spend your leisure time relaxing and basking in some sun.  Along with this, you can enjoy dancing and exercising when in Nanjing, making this lovely place an aspiring teacher’s go-to.

Nanjing teaching opportunities in China

Teaching is a beautiful profession, so satisfying and rewarding, and there is no reason why you should not choose this for your career. China is a beautiful country, filled with people who wish to enlighten themselves constantly as they grow. Thus, there’s no denying that the teaching opportunities in China are truly the finest and these striking cities are brimming with endless options for all those wanting to pursue a career in international teaching.

If you are to come abroad because you want to seek a teaching career then it is best that you come to China. The beautiful cities here will make your life peaceful, serene and not just this, you will be paid handsomely for your teaching service too, when in China.

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