Online Graduate Degrees in USA That Are Totally Worth It

How much one’s degree is going to be worth the hassle depends on what that person’s ultimate end goal is and how they aim to employ that degree. Majority of today’s youth places aims to employ their degrees in the pursuit of a proper career instead of the olden ways where personal achievement and mere interest was considered enough of a reason as well. With the advancement of technology and internet, many things are now at our fingertips, college degrees being one of them.

Online graduate degrees in USA

For example some of the online graduate degrees in USA are, online law degrees and degrees in clinical psychology provided by the American Bar Association and The American Psychology Association, respectively. However, certain limitations do arise in these cases and not all kinds of niches are found online. Research has determined that an education online is similar in impact and utility as traditional methods of education. This sentiment has been echoed by the students who have previously partaken in the exercise as well.

That being said, there are certain obvious advantages of being enrolled in online Masters study programs in USA, one of them being freedom to attend the classes in your own personal time. This takes away the issue of ever staying behind the curve if a class is ever missed and students can manage their studies better and more efficiently.

It also helps the slow of the herd to gain knowledge more holistically since putting down notes and listening to the teacher at the same time can be avoided and students can watch these programs as many times as they need to in order to get the most out of their study material. Students who cannot leave their home country for one reason or another can also benefit from this as many colleges and universities in the UK, US as well as Australia provide affordable online graduate degrees in USA for students abroad.

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Many graduate students would like to expand their horizons and gain more education but find it difficult to incorporate this in their post-graduate lifestyles which usually involve steady careers. Since most graduate school programs in the traditional setting conduct their classes during the day, managing this along with aforementioned responsibilities becomes tough. This is why online Masters study programs in USA are a life saver for these students.

Below we have compiled the list of colleges and universities providing acclaimed online master’s degrees in USA in a variety of fields.

online graduate degrees in USA for students abroad

1. University of Arkansas

They provide a vast range of excellent online graduate degrees in USA for students abroad and can be covered in the span of almost 2 years. Some of these fields are related to business, engineering, agriculture, human resources and even nursing school. Some of these programs comprise a shorter span of time and can be covered in around 1.5 years as well.

Students attending these graduate programs online can avail all the benefits that a traditional education at this university would entail. These would include having complete access to the support network provided by the University of Arkansas as well as the opportunity to become a part of their alumni network that includes several accomplished individuals.

Having earned its accolades as a great public university in the US, it is also critically acclaimed as one of the best online graduate programs in the ear 2017. Keeping all this in mind, the tuition that has to be paid in-state by the students enrolled in their affordable online masters in the USA will have to pay around $275.63 – $542.76 per credit depending on program.

2. Grantham University

With their main campus in Southern California, Grantham is known more for its advancements in graduate studies as providing a much more traditional style of education. However, with the advent of the tech in the recent decade, Grantham has very rightly kept up and is now offering affordable online Masters in the USA.

It has been critically acclaimed as well and is considered one of the top notch universities for studying Masters online in USA since 2008! They provide courses in business as well, along with IT, management, nursing, healthcare, information management etc. These programs are stretched over a span of a year and must be completed in this time. However, flexibility within this time span exists and most are 37 credits in total.

For some students it might take shorter than this time span given how many transfer credits are received and classes attended during terms. The tuition to be paid for these online master’s programs range from $325 per credit hour: $250 per credit and scholarship is an option for those who qualify for it.

3. Fitchburg State University

They offer a total of 13 online master’s degrees which include nursing, forensics, behavior analyst, human resource management as well as masters in special education such as teachers of students with disabilities etc. One of the perks of being enrolled in their online master’s programs is that students receive plenty of support via career counselling, access to all the resources in their online library as well as services for the disabled. Even with all these amazing perks, the in-state tuition is $177.

4. Sam Houston State University

They have over 40 online master’s degrees and most of them are extremely affordable. These programs range from criminal justice leadership to masters in higher education and administration as well as studies in homeland security. The quality of education is maintained up to the same standard as on-campus education and myriads of resources are on hand for students to avail. It has been accredited the #1 choice for students looking to receive a criminal justice education. They also provide scholarship and in-state tuition is around $300.

online graduate degrees in USA

5. Campbellsville University

Offering a whopping 16 online master’s programs in the USA, Campbellsville University dabbles in courses such as social work, justice studies, business, education etc. Depending on what you chose to go for as your graduate program online, it could take 12 to 24 months to finish the courses. This is rendered possible by having the range from 30 to 36 total credits in most of these curriculums. One exception to this rule is masters in justice studies that entail a total of 54 credits.

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Ranked as the 4th most affordable graduate university in the USA, Campbellsville’s online graduate programs are recognized by higher education commissions in the USA as well. Speaking of affordability, the tuition ranges, depending on the graduate program one chooses to go for of course, from $399-$559.

6. Upper Iowa University

Established since 1858, This University provides online master’s degrees in business, education, public and sports administration as well as a few graduate programs. This university is known to have exceeded its aims for participation in study abroad programs given how meticulously and efficiently it’s compiled its study programs.

One of the best things about studying Masters online in USA at Upper Iowa is that the pace and timing of these programs is entirely determined by the students partaking and are what is called “self-paced” providing a greater degree of flexibility. The courses here are asynchronous and can be attended as per the students’ convenience.

Active discussion is encouraged on online forums as well in order to properly drive home the point of each course and to have a better learning curve. Most of the online master’s programs are available in the format of six eight-week courses and even as a study attending classes online, you will have complete access to all the resources that the university amasses. Tuition for online masters’ programs here varies according to each degree and range from $1,350 – $1,644 per 3 credit-hour course.

affordable online masters in the USA

7. Delta State University

Providing a total of 9 online master’s programs, delta state has affordability and flexibility mastered. The programs range from applied sciences to community development, commercial aviation as well as social justice and criminology. This is also recognized by higher education bodies and provides myriads of resources and networks for students enrolled in their courses. The in-state tuition costs $375.

8. Indiana Institute of Technology

Indiana Tech has a total of 10 online master’s degree programs and offers amazing as well as affordable online Masters in the USA. These programs are related to health care management, human resources, marketing etc. Other master’s programs include engineering management, organizational leadership and even psychology. These programs help prepare the students enrolled in developing their skills for real life application and optimization of resources. It’s a bargain then that in-state tuition costs $396.

9. Texas Tech University

A whopping of 30 online master’s degrees offered, Texas tech is and affordable online option for students looking to study strategic communication/innovation, interdisciplinary studies, higher education administration and even less technical programs such as music education, horticulture etc.

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The best part about their online study programs is that they are hosted by the same teachers that teach on campus hence there is no deficit of knowledge between you, an online student, and a student’s undertaking traditional learning. Another plus point is that scholarships are provided for students who qualify for financial aid. That being said, in-state tuition costs $300.
studying Masters online in USA

These top-notch online graduate degrees in USA will surely come in handy for someone aiming for a postgraduate program from the comfort of their home, with compromising on the education quality.


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