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Top Medical Schools In Australia For International Students

Top Medicine Universities In Australia

Medicine is a career path that only the most-dedicated and top class students choose with their eyes set upon serving the humanity and that’s what makes it so exciting and life-altering. Australia has fast become one of the most sought after places for higher education abroad and now more and more pre-meds are aiming to go to the top medical schools for International Students in Australia. Admissions here are based upon your GPA and GAMSATS along with how strong they perceived you application essay to be and how well your personal interview went. So Top Medical Schools In Australia, we talked about all of it and how you can get proceed your education here.



Medical University Students In Australia must know that two levels of education can be availed: Undergraduate (after high school pre-medical education is covered and passed) and Graduate (once you gave a bachelor degree in medical education). The former is a five to six year education programs while the latter is 2 years of clinical training and two year of education.

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Medical schools in Australia are at par with the rest of the world and research based and evidence based practice is taught that has led to some of the most groundbreaking research in the recent years as well such as cochlear ear, IVF, heart transplant surgery where new techniques are being readily introduced and practiced.

Top Medical Schools In Australia

The Australian National University Medical School (ANUMS)

This is one of the best medical schools for international students in Australia for undergraduate degrees and students are enrolled according to their GPA, GAMSAT scores. A four year graduate degree can be earned here and top education regarding healthcare can be achieved. Not only all this but this is also one of the cheapest options for international students in Australia wanting to study medicine. The semester fee per year exempting textbook costs is $56736. It offers following courses:

• Bachelor of Philosophy
• Masters in medicine and health
• PhD

University of Sydney

Situated in the famous city of Australia, Sydney, this is a public sector medical school and one of the top medicine universities in Australia. Their main campuses are situated in Camper down and Darlington and this is also very affordable for both local and international students. Their annual tuition fee exempting textbook costs is around $ 251,520 AUD.

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A good GPA and GAMSAT score matters in order to gain admission in this medical university. Following courses are offered here:

• Bioethics
• Clinical Surgery
• Clinical Epidemiology
• Biostatistics
• Postgraduate medical courses
• Nursing and health technology

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne was the first medical school in Australia and is now ranked amongst the top 20 best medical universities worldwide. A prime choice amongst medicine schools for international students in Australia, they are famous for being one of the leading research universities in the field of health care and this is why most international as well as local students prefer this over other medical schools. They offer an MD (Doctor of Medicine) programs which spans over 4 years and focuses on some top quality teaching and research strategies.

Top Medical Schools in Australia

A year of biosciences learning is compulsory as the foundation course for further undergraduate studies and this is followed by a 6 month research program which itself then leads you to a 2 and half years of clinical training. This clinical training is a crucial aspect to the MD degree and takes the students around to various university affiliated hospitals and clinical where General practitioners teach you high level clinical based medicine.

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The tuition fees per annum exempting textbook costs is $81,344 AUD hence it is quite on the expensive side as far as medical universities in Australia are concerned. You are required to have a 95+ ATAR or equivalent in order to gain admission here on undergraduate levels or if you are looking for postgraduate studies you need a good GAMSAT, MMA score with a good GPA along with proof of competence in English.

Monash University

They offer MBBS degrees spanning over 4 years of academic education and clinical interaction and practice is prized above all. This is apparent by the fact that undergraduate students are introduced to the clinical setting as early as possible during the course of their academic learning and case studies are employed in order to teach most concepts. Situated in Melbourne, Australia this is one of the top medicine universities in Australia and is also the oldest one.

Student Studying Medicine In Australia

Again a public sector universities both local and international students can enroll in here. The tuition fees per annum exempting textbook costs is AUD $ 4937.50. You are required to have an ATAR of 90 in order to gain admission here but the higher it is the better since it is an elite medical university and students from all over the world are trying to enroll hence the excessive competition.

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Studying medicine in Australia as an international student here means that you are also required to give your UMAT and MMI for gaining admission. If you are looking for postgraduate studies you need a good GAMSAT score with an undergraduate degree having a minimum weighted average mark. They offer following courses:

• Nursing and health sciences
• Immunology
• Postgraduate programs in medicine

University of Queensland

They offer a 4 year graduate level program for an MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree. The faculty comprises of 2 research based centers along with five hospitals and this is one of the most reputable medical universities in Australia. They have amazing research programs being carried out and have been groundbreaking in the field of medicine.

Along with the MD programs they also offer MBBS and a Bachelor of Paramedic Science degree along with some other amazing post-graduate level degrees. They also work in coalition with other research centers and teaching hospitals that makes them unique.

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It is important for medical university students in Australia , studying here to get a GPA of 5.0 on a seven point scale is required to gain admission and a GAMSAT score of 50 minimum for undergraduate studies and for post-graduate studies a relevant professional work experience along with a minimum GPA is needed with a good GAMSAT score. The tuition fees per annum exempting textbook costs is $73,264 AUD.

University of South Wales

One of the top medical universities in Australia where students are taken in based on their academic excellence and judged by a minimum ATAR of 96.0or equivalent along with the UMAT scores. The minimum UMAT score required is 150. It is an excellent medicine school for international students in Australia, with an award winning undergraduate program for Medical education.

The costs per annum for an undergraduate degree in University of South Wales are $254,880 AUD exempting textbook costs.

Bond University

The first medical university in the private sector, it is one of the most affordable and hence most sought after medical universities in Australia. The tuition fee is charged per semester and costs $317,114 exempting textbook costs for medicine programs. They offer following courses:

• Health Sciences
• Medicine Technology
• Postgraduate degrees in medical sciences

Curtin University

This is situated in the city of Australia named Perth and comes amongst the most affordable medical universities for international students in Australia. It is also one of the largest Australian universities. The fee per semester exempting textbook costs is $112,134 AUD. They offer following courses:

• Health promotion
• Health Sciences
• Health technology
• Para medicine
• Mental and therapeutic courses

Studying Medicine In Australia As An International Student

Flinders University

They were the first to champion the 4 year MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree and refuted the conventional 5 or 6 year undergraduate medical education. Driven by innovation, research and evidence based practice they have managed to come out on top when it comes to introducing new ideas and practices in the field of medicine. Medical research in Australia has been furthered so much more in the past few years because of this very approach.



The school utilizes a clinic based training program to go along with the academic education and skills labs are conducted regularly in order to get the hands-on approach perfected by the medical students, making studying medicine in Australia as an international student so much more enlightening and enriching.

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They also have well-equipped labs that function on the principles of simulation based learning and teaching.

Deakin University

One of the finest universities in Australia, Deakin University is now leading with its world class faculty and well-equipped facilities, campuses and labs. They offer a 4 year MBBS degree where clinical experience and hands on approach is championed. They also have a rural health training program that all doctors are required to take part in in order to learn the techniques and unique methods required to work with that certain kind of population.

Tasmania University

One of the top medical universities in Australia, they offer a 5 degree at their medical school and international students studying medicine in Australia are allowed to finish the last two years of their degree in a clinical setting. They have other programs related to the fields of medicine as well such as:

• Biomedical sciences
• Medical research

University of Adelaide

This is one of the oldest universities and the best medical schools for international students in Australia that offers graduate degrees and training programs in all kinds of fields.

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In the field of medicine they offer the Bachelor of Health Sciences that takes the academic learning of medical sciences further and focuses on a much broader study regarding human health. They have an MBBS course spanning over 6 years.

James Cook University Medical School

They have fast achieved a leading role in being a tropical research based school, becoming a go-to medicine school for international students in Australia who wish to pursue a career in medical research. They not only have campuses in Australia but some are situated in Singapore as well. A full medical course is offered by the School of Medicine and Dentistry and this is based in North Australia. This is the only medical school that offers such a program.

Medical University Students In Australia

An undergraduate MBBS degree as well as Post-Graduate education is also available for international students looking forward to studying medicine in Australia. The post-graduate studies are focused on Research Methods where a special preference is given to tropical medicine.

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