Best Summer And Winter Break Study Abroad Programs

studying abroad in summer and winter break

Study Abroad Programs: Students all around the world aim to pursue higher education abroad but never really get the opportunity to go for it due to time constraints, financial burdens and a pile of other reasons. Well, this delaying and procrastinating over your higher education plans doesn’t have to happen anymore.

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We’ve compiled a list of well curated and in-depth summer and winter breaks programs for students of all subjects and levels that will not only give them a chance to move abroad for some time and travel, but will also open great doors for their career and self-grooming as international exposure with different cultures truly matters in the longer run.

Study Abroad Programs

Let’s get started with a rundown of these highly affordable and equally exceptional best places to study abroad programs:

Summer Break Study Abroad Programs

Summer break programs for higher education abroad can be as short as two weeks where you can not only acquire skills but also perspective. They tend to be much more cost-effective than for example fall or spring break programs abroad.

If you are confused about what program to opt for then we must tell you to focus on not only alumni reviews and experiences on their information panel but also the way they have presented their information and addressed genuine concerns of some of the prospective students.

Many programs also have well established alumni networks that can help you navigate through these tough waters. Also, make sure that the program you go for offers insights into the local culture and engages you in it since half of our motivation is to learn and gain a new perspective when moving abroad to study.

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It’s even better if you opt for those summer break study abroad programs that cater to your respective fields of study hence help your resume in standing out to prospective employers in the future. Also, if you are going for a program that is not based on your native language, then its better to look for language support and learning aid provided with the programs you may choose.

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1. University Of Cambridge

This prestigious university provides a wide range of summer break study programs to choose from spanning over 1 to 6 weeks. You will be provided with dorm room accommodation and will be offered the opportunity to interact with an entire community of students from all across the world.

At undergraduate level, leading specialists in your subject of choosing will teach courses and provide you the option to submit essays for credit scoring. When we say a wide range of programs, we refer to their courses in business, literature, science, art and medieval studies as well as courses spanning over three weeks for law students etc.

2. The American University of Paris

If debate and discussion is your forte and you thrive on language studies and their detailed analyses, then this summer break study program is for you. They offer intensive classroom sessions with not only professors and local teachers but also promote group studies with a wide variety of international students.

The course spans between a time frame of 2 to 6 weeks and students can choose their desired mode/program of study based on their own ease and comfort. They offer over 50 courses ranging from business, language and psychology as well as art and history. You can earn credits towards your degree back home all the while exploring the city of love that is Paris.

3. Seamester

They have been providing summer break programs abroad for over half a century now. This is a non-conventional study program where you get to travel by the sea from the Caribbean to the British Virgin Island and to the Mediterranean, all while earning credit scores and gathering first-hand experience of seamanship. A great way to brush up on your leadership skills we say!

4. African Impact

They offer focused studies on subjects related to the continent of Africa, ranging from developmental studies to human rights and sociology. This is a practical way to learn and gain experience regarding the African heritage while earning course credits as well. The programs duration spans over the course of a single month and comprises of all kinds of immersive activities and sessions.

5. Uppsala International

Curious about Swedish culture and history? This is for you. Here you get to immerse in the locality and learn the language at the same time. A non-profit program, this is one of the best summer break programs abroad that conduct courses and sessions ranging from 2-9 weeks. The students also get the chance to explore the region in their free time as well.

foreign student enjoying during winter vacations break

Winter Break Programs Abroad

Some people really struggle with enjoying the winter back home and would rush at the opportunity to travel somewhere warmer right away. If you are one of those people then winter break study programs are for you.

Not only will you get to enjoy the weather elsewhere but will also get the right chance make the most of your time with acquisition of some useful skills and by learning about new things while letting them change your perspective.  Below we compiled a list of our top favorite winter break programs abroad that’re super-economical, really informative and promise to give you experience of your dreams:

1. CIS Abroad

This winter break study program conducts various interesting courses in Italy, England, Costa Rica as well as Spain and Japan. The programs include travelling with the usual classes that are conducted over the entire month of January. Programs are available for all kinds of majors so whether you are more of a technology and engineering person or you lean towards arts and culture, they have something for everyone.

2. International Studies Abroad (ISA)

They also host their courses over the month of January and students have the opportunity to travel to various international countries including Australia, France, Germany and Italy. They offer not only subject focused study design, but also myriads of opportunities for internships to polish your personal skills even more.

They have trained staff that stays at your beck and call throughout your journey in order to guide you through any intricacies you might experience. Thus, you can entirely focus on your higher education abroad.

3. Sol Education Abroad

Knowing that the Spanish language will help anyone down the road as it is spoken in over 4 different continents throughout the world, acquisition of this language has been a huge deal for many students worldwide. This is a program that allows you to indulge into this very pursuit. They host their winter break Spanish language learning programs in Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina.

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4. CEA Study Abroad

They operate in close partnership with Universidad de La Sabana in Bogota, Columbia. If exploring through miles and miles of tree and forests is your dream, then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Not only this, but you also get to explore the expansive coastlines that Columbia has to offer.

They also have the option of scholarships for students who might need those. They have a wide variety of subjects for which regular courses are conducted while you have the chance to explore and communicate across cultures away from your home.

5. KCP International Japanese Language School

They conduct their programs and course study sessions in Tokyo over five times in a single year. They have programs not only for a wide range of topics but also across all levels of academia and skills. Students also have the option of transferring their credit scores to their university back home. Accommodation is provided by the program for all international students as well. Hence, you essentially have the chance to learn the Japanese language and immerse in their culture while spending as little as you need to.

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Which of these top-notch summer and winter break programs are you planning to go for?  Let us know in the comment sections below!

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