Inspiring Places And Programs For Yoga Retreats All Around The World

best places for yoga retreats abroad

A man or a woman who is not connected with their soul is empty and this emptiness over the passage of time has the capacity to take a toll on one’s health. It is very important for people to take some time out of their monotonous routines to retire to a place where they can connect with their souls.

Almost all of us are the midst of depression and other psychological diseases. There are so many things in a routine of a normal man that he feels pressed by the weight of monotony.  Humans are the creators of habit and we are so used to working all day long, that we don’t have time to connect with our souls.

There’s no denying that nothing calms the mind like yoga. The posture, the meditation and the insights are all beautiful components of yoga that make a person lively and happy from within while giving them an immense sense of positivity. Yoga is mindfulness; it is the connection between the body and the mind – it is a healing process and calms the mind in a pure and beautiful way. When one practices it, they become more and more come composed and vibrant. Yoga Retreat is a prerequisite, though it is another thing that people don’t feel in their souls that they should make time for it.

There is this thing with meditation though; you cannot practice it anywhere or in chaos. It is important that to connect with your mind and soul, you retire to a place where there is scenery and silence. Such places are called yoga retreats and it is very important that you go to these retreats to make sure that your soul is filled with happiness and joy once again.

Yoga retreats, technically speaking are a withdrawal from the wearisome life to a faraway place to rejuvenate themselves and practice yoga. These Yoga Retreats can be solitary or they can be local. Most of the time a yoga retreat trip involves travelling to a faraway place to practice the beautiful techniques of yoga.

In the Western world, yoga retreats are all about retiring to a luxury Resort for a month or two but the Eastern concept is a little bit different, it is somewhat humble. In Eastern yoga retreats, one retires to a more humble please, a place which is close to nature like India’s Ashrams or monasteries.

Western Concept Of Yoga Retreats Near Me

One always wonders what actually happens in the Western concept of yoga retreats. In Western yoga retreats, life goes a little slowly and people moves in a slow pace. Western yoga retreats provide recreational vacations with recreational activities.

When you are the part of the western styled yoga retreats, you can be certain that you will do a lot of activities which would include meditation, massage, hiking, horseback riding and sightseeing. These yoga retreats focus on mindful awareness and they make sure that one is connected spiritually to the nature when one is involving himself or herself in Yoga practices. Everything comes with a price and yoga retreats can be modest or expensive. The prices and the fees vary at different yoga retreats. Yogis learn a lot from meditation and activities include revitalizing and recreational practices, like horseback riding and sightseeing. At the end of this yoga retreat trips for beginners a Yogi find himself more close to nature, more spiritually connected and happy.

In this article, we are going to tell you about different yoga retreats from all around the world and yoga classes abroad. If you are one such person who is tired of the deadliness of life and you want to make sure that you connect with your soul and practice some mindfulness then these yoga retreats abroad are for you.

6 best places to get yoga retreats

1. Spirit Rock Meditation Centre In California

In the north of San Francisco lies a beautiful centre in Marin country. This centre is called Spirit Rock meditation centre and this offers the best yoga retreat programs for all the Amateur yogis.

Spirit Rock meditation Centre hosts a number of programs and these programs excel in spirituality and mindfulness. Yogis here explore the themes of meditations and how they can apply the meditation to the fast paced life, thus healing their heart and mind simultaneously.

If you are one such person who is tired of the constant anxiety and depression and want to make sure that you connect with your soul and absorb the beautiful nature then it’s time that you head to this outstanding yoga centre.

We can assure you that you would come back as a different person. Here the life is very still, you will feel like as if your spirit has been renewed after yoga retreats.

2. Ananda In The Himalayas, India

If you’re looking for the finest yoga retreat experience abroad, then nothing beats the charm of Ananda. This place in the Himalayas offers a lot of different activities. It is a hundred acre estate and this estate covers the Ganga River and many of beautiful temples of Hardwar.

This estate receives insane amount of clients and they all come here to clean their souls and minds. A yogi can find a lot of comfort and solitude here. In this place you can learn Meditation by the qualified meditation practitioners.

You can learn yogic breathing techniques and even the Buddhist teachings. Ananda gives you the option to do your sessions inside or outside and the sessions can last up to 2 to 4 hours.

Ananda has beautiful pavilions and Gardens and some astounding Maharajah palaces. Here you will also find a 21,000 square foot spa as well. The best bit about this yoga class abroad? You can get the yoga practices and meditation sessions in the most economical prices. There will be no burden on your pocket and you will eventually get the best time of your life in a yoga Retreat which is Ananda.

yoga underway in himalayas

3. The Middle Way Meditation Retreat, Thailand

If you want to go to a lush push Green Valley for yoga retreat then the middle way meditation Retreat in Thailand is your answer. This lush Green Valley is located near the forest and it offers a lot of yoga practices. They mostly work with 2500 years old ancient meditation techniques and it is said that these practices have the required ingredients to cleanse the mind and body inside out.

This is a huge property and there are meditations places at both indoor and outdoor spaces. There is also a hot spring pool and it is famously said that this pool has the healing water. This Retreat is economical and one can find a lot of comfortable time and contented practices here.

4. The Buddhist Retreat Center, South Africa

We won’t be wrong to say that it was Buddha who felt the need of meditation to cleanse body and mind. Buddha acquired the highest place in the universe because of his mind. Though Buddha is no more but his Legacy lives on, his techniques are alive and the Buddhist Retreat centre in South Africa is one such example where the Buddhist techniques are being taught to yoga enthusiasts

One can find this amazing retreat atop of indigenous valleys and forests. People from all over the globe come here for peace and tranquility and the place has the stillness to die for.

If you want to get here you just need a 90 minute drive from Durban. The environment is eco-friendly, serene and a yogi can learn about the yogic practices and meditation amidst the blue swallows for a yoga retreat experience abroad that is exceptionally exhilarating and refreshing.

This 300 acre property is friendly to human and animals alike. Here you will find plenty of birds and no, whose relaxing noise will aid to your meditation sessions. All those who are tired of the monotony of life should head here at once for optimum peace of mind.

The Buddhist Retreat Center south Africa

5. Osho Meditation Center, India

Osho is a meditation scholar and he focuses a lot on awareness and conscious living. He is an inspiring figure and in the Osho Meditation resort in India, you can find just the peace of mind you were looking for. This centre inspires thousands of people who come to this resort. For all those who feel that they are disconnected with their souls should come here to bind with it again.

This place is 40 acres long and this property is heaven for all those who are seeking peace of mind. The place consists of a soothing sauna, swimming pool, meditation auditorium and few seminar places. The Yogis who come here can learn a lot about the latest yoga techniques and meditation sessions. Not just this, one can also enjoy the recreational activities here including basketball and tennis court. There is a nightclub a massage and beauty salon as well where yogis practice meditative dancing and power breathing to engage in all sorts of fun activities. This centre has a particular uniform and all the Yogis are required to wear the red Robes as Osho believes that red attracts vibrant energy.

6. Harmony Dawn Retreat Canada

Not many people are aware of this amazing Retreat centre in Canada, but this one is amazing for all the amateur Yogis. This place is located in the depths of Canadian wilderness and offers a lot of comfort and peace of mind to all those who wish to pursue it.

You will find amazing some of the greatest yoga classes here and they vary from seven day mindfulness to extensive meditation sessions – being here means that you will take a lot of nature walks and absorb a lot of silence.

This place also offers the courses in cooking and nutrition. This retreat also teaches you about the Detox and the techniques of dancing – undoubtedly the perfect yoga retreat abroad for the experience of a lifetime.

Harmony Dawn Retreat Canada

Mindfulness is a necessary and with the amazing practices of meditation and yoga you can achieve the highest state of mindfulness. If you want to clean your body and soul then planning a yoga retreats trip to one of these exciting places is definitely something that you should consider – you will come back as a different person we promise.

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