A Girl In The Cage Of Insecurities

A girl in the cage of insecurities

When are you going to get married? What is your age? Are you doing a job? What is your salary? Why do you have pimples on your face? Why have you become so fat? Why don’t you become a doctor? Are you a Homemaker? Why don’t you cook? Why have you applied so much make up?

Girl In The Cage

We have been hearing these types of questions from people since the day we have taken birth as a ‘Girl’. No matter how hard you try to stay positive and ignore this but you get affected in some or the other way. As a result, we are left feeling helpless, insecure and incomplete which leads to lack of confidence and poor self-esteem.

In this society, women are born to live with certain boundaries. We have become the victim of comparison among others on the basis of the color of our skin, beauty, career, age, relationship and intellectual ability. There is a limited room given to a women to be successful or to wear what they like or to look beautiful or to marry someone of their choice. We cannot feel completely secure in every stage of life. No matter how hard we try to act according to our age but we’re still left with some imperfections in us.

One of the biggest insecurity faced by women is Beauty. We always want to look perfect and pretty to feel confident. For that we do certain things which shouldn’t be done like comparing ourselves with others. If someone else is wearing a dark lipstick then I will also wear it no matter whether it suits me or not.

If someone is wearing jeans then I will also wear it because it has become a trend and if I don’t follow it I will be criticized by my friends. It becomes very exhausting in fixing and hiding our insecurities. Truly speaking, we all live a very busy life and there are thousands of other things to do than to worry about our looks which are temporary in a long run.

If we don’t have a fit body, we get taunted every now and then which becomes difficult to survive in the society. If I am fat I won’t get any proposal. If I am fat I won’t have friends. If I am fat I won’t have a boyfriend. If I am fat I won’t fit into jeans.

If I am fat I won’t look smart and if I am fat I look an aunty, this is how our society thinks and demotivates us. All these problems makes us so uncomfortable because we don’t find comfort within ourselves rather we give importance to what people think and how they want us to look like. This sick mentality breaks our confidence level and creates the hub of insecurities in us.

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Body shaming, beauty, age, career and many more things are there which should be stopped soon to live a simple and an easy going life. People should be educated that they are born to live a life where there is no point of comparison with others. We are born different and we are unique within our own selves. The external pressure of the society results in lack of confidence and poor self-esteem of an individual. Such pressure weakens the emotional stability of a women.

We live in an educated society but what is the use of education if we are doing all those things which illiterate people do. Why do we get affected by such things which has no importance in our life? Because we don’t implement what we study. Because we don’t apply what is being taught to us since childhood. Because we don’t understand the significance of humanity. Because we don’t have knowledge of inner beauty. Because we focus and value external appearances only. Because we don’t realize that we are humans first than anything else.

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Being an educated women, it is their responsibility to come forward and change the mentality of people and make them aware that what matters at the end is how beautiful your soul is instead of the beauty of face alone. An awareness should be spread amongst all the people specially women to believe in oneself and do whatever she loves to do instead of caging herself with the insecurities imposed by the society.

This type of thinking can only be changed through education. More and more number of people should be educated and they should be reminded that our mind is a powerful force, and we have the ability to change our outlook and beautifully embrace our uniqueness.

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