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How To Write A Research Proposal?

how to write a research proposal guide

14 Easy Steps On How To Write A Research Proposal?

There are times when a researcher or a group of researchers might not only need guidance but also financial support in their research endeavors. This is where the idea of a research proposal comes in. The author is required to create a supporting document about the investigations he/she wants to conduct or a research paper that they wish to write and work on in order to provide justifications for the choice of topic and secure some funding, help and guidance as well.

Along with providing reasons for the choice of the topic and issue, a research proposal document will also require the research correspondent to specify the methods and techniques that will be taken into consideration in order to carry out the research.

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This document is supposed to be the window into the soul of the research topic and the researcher’s expertise thus, it needs to come along with a well-researched background and extensive literature search. There are many components of research proposal which we have discussed below.


1. Introduction Is The Key

This is where the author might either capture the reader’s attention fully or lose it for good. This is what is sometimes even termed as the hook of a paper or a proposal, since the author is essentially striving to grab the reader’s attention and keep them hooked onto his draft.

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However, most standard guidelines suggest that this should be written at the very end since that’s when the author has truly figured out the primary focus and objectives of his/her research and can more succinctly and effectively put forth the introduction that will truly get to the reader.

2. Focusing On The Issue

This is the part of the proposal where the author is required to concisely and efficiently convey the question or the thesis statement of his/her research. Try and get the point across in simple words and a singular sentence- this way it is more likely to get to the reader’s head.

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3. Establishing A Background

The author will also be required to provide and discuss an insight into the history along with the emergence of the problem or the thesis statement. By doing this the author establishes a strong line of reasoning as to why a certain topic must be discussed and researched upon while also offering and highlighting solutions and necessary recommendations to alleviate those issues.

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4. Purpose Behind The Issue

The objective of the chosen topic or issue is also to be discussed in some detail.

5. Establishing The Significance

The importance and the impact that research and investigation will have on the pre-existing literature must be mentioned by the author.

6. Methodology Employed

As mentioned before, the techniques, methods and tools being utilized in the research process shall be mentioned as well.

7. Reviewing The Literature

As mentioned before, the research proposal document is of supreme professional value, thus, it needs to come along with a well-researched background and deep literature search.

8. Establishing The Hypothesis

Mentioning your initial thesis statement for the topic will establish a succinct topic  introduction and an overall gist for the reader and funding bodies.

9. Explaining The Jargon:

It is entirely possible that the funding faculty does not know the technical terms of the topic that the writer has chosen for his research draft, therefore it is imperative that all the related terminology must be presented with details and concise explanations.

10. Mentioning The Assumptions

Every research comes with some already presumed data and that should be explained in the proposal as well.

11. Scope/Limitations

These are things that come with almost all kinds of research topics and it makes a world of a difference to mention these in the initial proposal so that an honest and clear background is established for the research project.

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12. Procedural

The substructure of a research project or paper, the initial few drafts and then eventually the final manuscript will follow through a certain criteria of writing processes and procedures that the writer must be clear about while drafting the proposal.

13. Conclusion

This is where the author shall surmise all that has already been said but in an effective and precise manner in order to nicely tie the proposal together.

14. Citations

Lastly, a vigorous literature search comes with an extensive bibliography and reference section. This shall be added at the end of the research proposal documents in alphabetical order to give insight into all literature reviews that were taken into account to establish the basic framework of the research.

The above mentioned steps will ensure that your research proposal is not only engaging, authentic and of premium quality but also has good chances of securing funding and approval by the advisory board or ethical committees associated with any institutions and labs throughout the world.

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