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How To Write A Research Case Study?

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What Is Research Case Study?

A research case study is essentially a type of research where a particularly complicated and distinctive issue or idea is addressed. This helps add to the pre-existing literature on the topic that the case study is being undertaken upon. This method of research is employed through all kinds of professional disciplines such as social science, medical research etcetera.

What Are Some Problems With The Case-Study Method?

This method of research has undergone its fair share of criticism mostly because of the fact that a limited number of instances are explored and those are not considered enough to establish any reliable fact and data for the literature. It is also opined that the findings or the data achieved via a case study approach could be biased and hence unreliable. It is also been trotted as more of a tool of exploration in certain fields instead of a proper research model. However, all this criticism hasn’t affected the widespread employment of the case study method by researchers in all professional disciplines.

How To Carry Out A Case Study Control?

There have been many researchers that have suggested different methods for undertaking a research case-study while also establishing several techniques and tools to successfully achieve what the method sets out to do so. Let’s get started with the various steps that can be followed to conduct and write a research case study:

1. The Research Question(S):

This is where the researcher identifies the exact focus that the case study is going to undertake. This main objective or the primary goal should be followed throughout the research exactly. The topics of how to write a case study are usually contemporary occurrences, related to a group of people or a certain entity alone. All of these things, ideas or focuses of the case study are bound to have vigorous backgrounds and should be referred to.

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2. Case Selection:

While the researcher constructs a framework for the study, there are certain strategies that must be employed when selecting a case that holds some validity, credibility and is a good feature to expand upon. A researcher has to add significant new data to the pre-existing literature hence the importance of case study or cases must be selected carefully. This process of selection must be carried out while keeping in mind the original focus of the study that was chosen in step 1. Relevant sources should be explored in order to stay true to the primary objective.

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3. Data Collection:

While researching the sources for the case study, the author will find bulks of information that is going to be distracting if not organized systematically. Hence, to avoid this confusion and cluttering of words, a particular method of data collection must be figured out. This again is where the primary focus of the research should be kept in sight. This method should also then be tested first for the original research before actually applying it. This way any kinks can be sorted out and the method can be refined even further.

4. Evaluation And Analysis:

Expounding on the data collected is the next and most crucial step. This is where the primary focus should again be recalled and it must be assessed if the data corresponds with the objective and whether any links are found or if it’s contradictory to the original thesis. There are multiple sorts of tools as well as techniques that are employed in order to find reliable outcomes. Some of the examples of these tools and techniques are matrices as well as flow charts, bar and pie charts or frequency assessment. This is how the researcher will find out any patterns or discontinuities in the data and discover accurate information about the study.

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5. Reporting The Findings:

A case study that is well carried out will now be reporting its outcomes and discoveries in a systematic well-organized manner. This again has several methods that can be employed to put forth a more legible report that can be easily accessed even by a reader who does not belong to that particular discipline that the study is all about. This can either be a report that has several chapters where each one talks about a special case or a study where the findings are reported in the form of a story or an anecdote.

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Lastly, the case study must undergo vigorous editing and testing on a selected audience to sort out any discrepancies that might have been left behind despite adopting a vigilant writing process. This audience reads and reviews the content and comments upon it for further improvement- this also usually infers the response of a larger audience.

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Are you beginning to get a better understanding of how to write a research case study? Let us know in the comment sections below! To read more regarding research case studies and research proposal writing, click here for further essential information and details.

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