A Guide To Kick-Starting Your Essay With A Quote

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There are several excellent, point-scoring ways to launch an essay but today we’ll be discussing the best and easiest one that not only grabs your reader’s attention but also gives your essay good credibility.

Essay With a Positive and Dynamic Quote

That’s right, we’re talking about the technique where the author starts off by quoting from the pre-existing literature or from critically acclaimed authorities related to the author’s topic. This however can end up as not having that much of an impact if not undertaken carefully and artfully.

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Therefore, in this article we will suggest some practice sand also provide you with some tools to help writers commence their essays with quotations in substantial and creative ways.


Your essay draft might get boring for the reader if you (the writer) haven’t used any original method when adding a famous quotation and have just simply copy/pasted it. This will not only portray the writer as lazy but also make the reader lose interest in a jiffy.

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This can very well be avoided if some surprising factor is used with some incredible commentary like such starting off with a quote that comes from a source not known for stating such words or quoting a statement that has not quite amassed any fame but is equally relevant to this essay piece and will hook any audience to the quotes essay write-up. Another surprise value method is by quoting a source and then opining on it contradictory- this however depends on the topic of the essay and isn’t applicable everywhere.


Look into the history and context of the quotes that you (the writer) wish to mention. You must ensure that it means more or less just as the author is trying to portray it and not as something else entirely.


There is nothing like a writing piece that is made by a writer who has an in-depth understanding of his/her audience. This helps the author understand his essay draft in a better way and whether it lacks any awareness regarding the quoted statements and any relevant information about the sources from which those statements have originated. If lack of such knowledge is discovered, it is generally advisable to provide some succinct yet effective information about the resource.

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Having a good grasp of the audience mindset also aids avoidance of any offending material that might have been put forth otherwise. A golden rule of thumb is to find a middle ground between the assumption that the audience owns all the knowledge or they lack all knowledge.

Essay With a Positive and Dynamic Quote

Here are some key facts to remember while crafting a quotes essay write-up:


Using quotations as the highlight of your essay will make it be the very thing that pulls in a reader while igniting great curiosity and interest.


The writer must also be very sure about the relevance of the quoted statements with respect to the topic in hand. If this is not given careful attention, the rest of the hard work will all go in vain as the reader would be confused as to what conclusion he/she must draw from such contradictory, haphazardly put together essay.


You can also use only a small segment of a much longer quotation to create a much more powerful impact however, the ultimate importance of the context must not be compromised. The sections that the writer cuts out could be replaced by ellipses. This kind of quoting technique is preferably followed by a brief introduction in the writer’s own words along with the instigation of the source of this quotation.

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Now that the writer has introduced the quotation in his/her essay, it is wise to instill some context regarding the quote. A brief but succinct explanation of the reason for the utilization of the quotes along with its significance and impact for the topic in hand must also be introduced.


The prior step is generally advised to be followed by establishing a conspicuous relation between the quotation and the thesis statement of the author’s essay. This smoothly launches the very foundation on which the rest of the quotes essay could be easily built upon.

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Are you beginning to get a better understanding of how to start-off your essays with a quote? Let us know in the comment sections below!

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