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How To Write Introduction To Your Dissertation

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Almost all research experts will tell you to finish writing the introduction to your essay or thesis right at the very end however; they will also advise you to think about it right at the very beginning. The aim is to have a rough idea of what you’re about to put in as the introduction to your dissertation before you jump into writing the rest of the material.

The draft for your introduction should be written very early on in the process so as to clarify the outline of what you are trying to accomplish and why you are particularly interested in this specific subject matter.

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However, it must be understood that the initial draft is bound to undergo several updates and changes as the topic unfurls itself and more aspects of your subject matter come forward. The basic draft is only there in order to make sure you can get back to it and revise every time you start losing the original idea or the rationale of your dissertation.


Strictly speaking, the introduction will establish the subject matter you wish to address and the importance of addressing the said subject matter. Hence, it should include a succinct description of your thesis statement while also highlighting the aims and objectives of your research. A good introduction however, will go one step further and also present the resources gathered on your topic, taking the previous studies done on your subject matter into consideration.

Therefore any debates or conflicts found in the literature could also be succinctly addressed alongside the researchers own point of view. This will help address how YOUR research will add to the already established subject matter. However, do not allude to all literature reviews in your dissertation introduction draft alone as it can take the highlight away from what YOU are trying to achieve. Only cite the sources that are helping you set a certain perspective for what is to come and leave the remaining references for the body of your dissertation.

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A good dissertation introduction draft will heavily allude to your original proposal for the research topic however it will have much more direction as you have already undertaken the research process so you know what you have found out. Nonetheless, it is crucial that you must not refer to all your findings in the introduction alone and only set the tone for what is to come for the reader. Make sure the language employed is contextual and briefly conveys the point. Make sure that it is in friendly terms. This can be easily achieved by having your work read and proof-read by several of your friends from different curricula.

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The conclusive part of a good introduction to your dissertation will also introduce the reader to what is to come forth in the next few paragraphs by simply stating what each chapter of your dissertation talks about. Do not falsify any claims that you cannot discuss later on.

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Now that you have successfully written your introduction, congratulations it’s your first draft. Yes, first draft! This now has to be proofread by you and several of your peers to clear out any kinks and remaining unnecessary text. Remember the rule: it’s supposed to be precise and meaningful. If your introduction dilly dallies around the topic and goes off into several directions, then it won’t really keep the reader’s attention and neither will the rest of your dissertation.

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Thus, craft it in a way so that it holds your reader into the meaty parts of your dissertation. These seemingly impossible tasks are only achieved by reading your introduction several times and giving yourself the time to redraft it as many times as necessary until you find your final voice- one that conveys and commands.

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