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How To Create An Outline For Your Research Paper

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The Purpose Of An Outline

Delineating the steps for your essay is essentially what is termed as creating an outline for research paper. This is the only way through which the author can convey his or her information in a rational as well as progressive order- an effective way for any haphazard diffusion of information to be avoided and key points to be concisely conveyed. An outline is usually necessary where there are large amounts of data and information involved such as in a research paper. Undertaking the process of writing a major paper is quite a diligent task hence an outline breaks the entire paper into small steps that can be gradually undertaken, thereby leading to coherence and uniformity.

Creating An Outline For Research Paper


This is where the author must put his or her opening statement or what is more technically referred to as a thesis statement. Contents of research proposal should include all the main factors which are included in it.


This is the part where the author must present supporting data regarding his or her thesis statement. These can be listed in several points.

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This is then to be followed by any contrasting ideas or arguments that might be found in the literature regarding the author’s statement. Again, listed down to make all the points succinct and effectively conveying them.

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Tips For Constructing The Outline For Research Paper

    1. The selection of choosing the right and relevant topic alongside a clear objective is the first and foremost step. This, as easy as it sounds, is the toughest part of writing any paper as most authors fail to pinpoint the exact focus or prime objective of their research. This particular issue can be tackled by undergoing vigorous research regarding the topic and finding out what this particular piece of research can add to the pre-existing literature.
    2. Brainstorming all the ideas that the author might have about the topic is another good method to pertinently elaborate the exact topic of research. This is where the author must reach the prime objectives and the major ideas that his or her research is trying to present.

  1. Once all the ideas are brought forth, the next crucial step is to organize these in the order of the most important to the least. This organization process can be achieved by employing various different strategies which are mostly dependent upon the topic of the research paper. These strategies could be the cause and effect’ method or the chronological method.

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  1. Presenting supporting evidence and relevant literature regarding each main point is another necessary step. This will help the author further expand on the main points and provide the reader with a more in-depth view of the topic and the idea being reiterated. Further examples as well as famous quotations can also be added to give more weight to the author’s claims or ideas.
  2. Revision of the original draft is necessary in order to sort out any kinks and issues that might have escaped during the first read and draft. The writing of a paper must be taken on as a process where you must repeat every step as many times as possible until a desired result is achieved. Hence the process of developing an outline for a paper must undergo similar labor. This outline will essentially be a map guiding through the different parts of the paper thus it must be clear, concise and to the point. Any convolutions must be sorted out and transitions between the points must be established smoothly so that the paper flows with consistency.

The above mentioned steps might make creating an outline for your research paper seem like a tedious process which in all honesty it is but it eventually makes the writing process smooth and makes it easier to work with a bulk of information. However, once this mountain is crossed, the author is now ready to start developing a well-structured paper and put forth a rationalized, logical and organized work.

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