Top Budget Friendly Countries To Learn French Abroad

learn french abroad

Learning a new language requires a lot of focus, concentration and dedication. Do you want to learn french abroad. It is undoubtedly one of the most enriching experiences of one’s life and that is why everyone should strive to learn at least one more language along with their native language.

Why French?

Is that even a question? French language has rich history. This language has been the language of romance, achievements, literature diplomacy, art and everything else that’s beautiful.

Over centuries French has taken the world by storm with its amazing literature, art and overall heavenly vibe. Learning this lovely language is the matter of an absolute thrill that many would love to feel in their soul too.

The prospect of going for a learning expedition is very fascinating and an experience like no other but let’s face it – not everyone is able to pursue this dream of theirs due to food, accommodation and travel expenses that also come with. Nonetheless, we’ve compiled a list of countries where French is proficiently spoken and also offer budget-friendly accommodation, food and travel options.

Not just this but these countries also come with outstanding, economical French language programs and courses overseas, ranging from basic to proficiency levels to help you understand the language better and become an expert in it. So let’s get started:

1. Head To Canada For A Wholesome Experience

Canada is one country where a student can learn French language in an efficient and economical way as the multi-cultural country comes with various affordability options and also exotic cuisines for all in a serene, scenic environment that’s to die for. Here are some of the top reasons why Canada should be on your list of studying French language abroad.

  • French is the native language of more than 7 million people in Canada since the colonial period.
  • Quebec City and Montreal are those two largest cities in Canada’s province Quebec, where one can avail exceptional French learning programs abroad economically and effectively.
  • Quebec is that one province where you can enjoy a fantastic blend of North American and French cuisines along with learning French language.
  • Canada is a country that has something to offer for people from every walk of life and it is entirely possible for students to learn the French language there within their means, while enjoying a study abroad experience that’s so enthralling and exciting.
  • Quebec in Canada has a lot to offers for all those students who want to study French. It is that one province which can give you the chance to be fluent in both English and French.
  • There are many reasonable top tier universities in Canada where a student can learn French in an easy way. Quebec has different French language schools abroad and they spread throughout the region.
  • The cost of living in Quebec is low as compared to Toronto and this means that you can afford Canada when you intend to study French here.
  • You can also opt for internships here in Quebec as a part of your French learning program once you know the language. They will surely be an added plus to your CV and skills.
  • The last point is that the universities in Canada teach the French of France which is a win-win.

best center to learn french abroad

2. France Has Our Heart

The birthplace of the exquisite language itself and with Paris popularly known as the city of love, there’s nothing like studying French language abroad than in France.

Although Paris is an expensive place for students looking for learning French on a budget abroad but there are many other cities in France, like the south of France for example, where one can learn French language in an effectual, economical way.

Prospective students wishing to study French in France should definitely head to Montpellier. It is an amazing city where a student can get cuisine and accommodation in a budget friendly way along with top-notch French learning programs abroad alongside enjoying a neo classical architecture and romantic lifestyle along with learning French.

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Montpellier is also the center of Higher Education in France. Here a student can find a plethora of Universities and language schools where it is easy to learn French abroad. Along with imparting the French knowledge on students, this city also allows the students to experience the culture of French people more closely. Here you will imbibe the culture of France along with learning the French language in a more streamlined way.

Commute, cuisine and accommodation are affordable here and so are the French programs and thus ticks all boxes for students looking for French language programs abroad.

heart to learn french

3. Morocco Is Definitely An Option to learn french abroad

Morocco offers various budget friendly and superb options to all the students who are keen on learning French language abroad. There are so many reasons why you need to choose Morocco to learn French language approach. Let’s explore the options together.

  • Morocco is one of the best places to study abroad because it has been a former French Colony.
  • It is true that is not the official language of this country but still half of the population here speaks French.
  • For all those who want to study French for diplomacy and business should head to this country because here one can learn formal French language in an easy way.
  • Along with learning French in Morocco, you can also learn the French and the Moroccan culture here.
  • Commute, accommodation and cuisine is affordable here for students and this is the top reason why it should be on your go-to list to study French abroad.
  • Morocco is a well known international community and it is home to many French expats- you can take both the experience and language from these expats, which is French.
  • Here in Morocco the transportation is easy and quite affordable too.

morocco best city to learn french abroad

4. Head To Haiti For Learning French On A Budget Abroad

Haiti is an excellent place for students looking for reasonable accommodation, travel and French language programs abroad. Here are the top reasons why Haiti is your best option to study and learn French.

  • French is one of the official languages of Haiti and almost half the population of Haiti speak this language.
  • French is taught in Haiti for business and schooling purposes.
  • The urban sections of Haiti extensively use the French language and this is the reason why students will have enormous chances of imbibing the French culture along with learning French here in Haiti.
  • For all those who want to have the Caribbean experience should definitely head to Haiti to learn French language.
  • In this country French has deeper roots.
  • Learning French in Haiti means having an amazing French learning experience overseas while enjoying luxurious islands and beaches.
  • The cost of living in Haiti is not expensive and the locals are also quite friendly and will be happy to help you in knowing the bright sides of this place.

haiti to learn french abroad

5. Try Belgium As Well

Europe is the hub of opportunities for students who are keen on learning the French language and master it. There are many countries in Europe where a student can go to avail these brilliant opportunities. One such country in Europe that provides economical learning French programs and a rich, exotic culture is Belgium. Here’s why Belgium is on our list of countries that come with various premium French language schools abroad:

belgium to learn french

  • Belgium has 3 official languages and French is one of them. Being an official language of Belgium, French inspires a lot of people in Belgium as well. Here students can learn French from the natives as well.
  • Belgium is that one country which offers extremely economical packages and great learning opportunities for students and amateurs who want to study French.
  • The most populous city of Belgium is Brussels and in Brussels you will find tons of schools offer quite economical French language programs overseas while also ensuring a superb curriculum and effective French language learning system that will surely prove to be very beneficial for you.

learn french

At the end of the day, remember that where there is a will there is a way. If you have decided that you will learn the French language then be sure that you will find a way.

We have listed some of the most amazing countries where you can learn French in an affordable way where you will find tons of French schools that offer economical French language programs and courses overseas. These courses will not only make you proficient in the language but will also enhance your personality even more.


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