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How Can You Study An English Literature Major Abroad?

English literature study abroad program

Studying the English language abroad can be exceptionally inspiring and rewarding. Imagine sipping a coffee at the Elephant House Café, in Edinburgh, U.K, where J.K Rowling wrote many chapters of the Harry Potter series or walking down the streets that inspired the famous fifty short stories Dubliners by James Joyce. Whether its translation, linguistics, literature or creative writing, every English major specialization owes it to themselves to be explored and personally see what creators of today and amazing authors of the past have filled their rich pages with.

For all those interested in Literature and its Idiosyncrasies, you must travel abroad to study an international English major. It is better to study Shakespeare in the U.K, U.S.A or Ireland than anywhere else since English is a disciple in itself and no one excels in it like the English speaking natives themselves do. Not only does studying an English literature major abroad program allow a student to explore and enhance his/her understanding of the subject, but also offer opportunities for them to get a closer look at the realities which are faithfully associated with English literature.

Why Major In English Literature?

Literature is the purest form of poetry and prose – it is equally beautiful and tantalizing. Students who study literature know that the words of amazing poets and writers can sweep them off their feet and take them to a whole other level for a while. Literature has feels, literature has poetry – literature has Dramas and literature has the kind of stuff that dreams are made of.

Literature teaches us about life, about rationality and about thoughts and there is no reason in the world why one should think twice before opting this subject. We have lived our entire life loving stories, admiring novels and a student of literature knows that he/she has a vast ocean of stories and narratives ahead of them and they dip into the ocean of this knowledge wholeheartedly.  

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English Literature is beautiful and its students know that in this world if there is something which is tantalizing it is literature. The stories of the great poets and writers are too hard to ignore. They have thrived in their centuries. Though these personalities are no more yet they are still in our minds, in our hearts and by studying literature, students can make sure that they are first-hand exploring the lives of their favourite poets and authors.

A Chance To Connect With Authors and Poets Who Are No More

Literature is a beautiful subject and the authors/poets associated with this subject are even more perfect. We have lived our entire life admiring and worshiping the amazing authors of English language like James Joyce, Woodsworth, Shakespeare and John Keats – and just the idea of getting to know these inspiring personalities is so touching itself.  You cannot imagine all this in real because these people existed in a previous century but you can feel like that you are being close to these amazing people by visiting the places where they ones thrived and dive into their expert works.

Along with studying about the literature you can see the plays of Shakespeare in the rebuild London globe. Along with reading Wordsworth you could visit the Lake District where he thrived. Coleridge wrote his finest poetry in Dublin and by being in Dublin you can feel this remarkable poet on a very special level. Being at the same place where these amazing authors once were is a feeling in itself and if you have an opportunity to study English literature abroad then we see no reason why you should miss it.

Perks Of Study An English Major Abroad

Just being in a foreign country is a tantalizing experience and if you are lucky enough to go there to study literature then consider yourself more than lucky. Only few people can get the opportunity of a lifetime this way. Here are a few perks of studying an English major abroad which will make you opt for this enlightening subject all-the-more:

  • They say that the friendship which a person makes at the end of their studying period is likely to last forever. When one goes to a foreign city for a time span of 3 to 4 month then one does not get chance to make lifelong friends. Being in a foreign country for studying purpose (say three – four years) means that you can bag lifelong friends.
  • Being in a foreign country means that you will have to live on your own there and this gives the person a chance of developing a lot of new traits in his or her personality and giving them a sense of independence. For all those who want to make sure that their personality grows should try to study abroad.
  • Students who study abroad are considered more committed to their subjects. Not everything is admirable about students and students around the world share a bad reputation of not being fully committed to their studies. When a person goes to study English major abroad then he or she can make sure that their reputation boosts in a positive way.
  • English literature is the language of English and by being in a foreign city you can learn about all the pros of this language along with excelling in this subject. Being in a foreign country means that you have a tendency to imbibe the foreign culture and this imbibing of a foreign culture is actually good for your career.

English Literature Major Abroad

Best Programs To Study English Major Abroad

When young talent exposes itself to international experience, then it becomes easy for the students to emerge into different cultures. One’s home is one’s comfort zone and as the saying goes, nothing great ever pops out from a comfort zone. It is not a bad idea to study literature major programs in your own native country but studying abroad has its benefits.

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It is amazing if you can manage to study English literature major abroad because this way you get to know different cultures. You get to know that you can stand on your own without the help of your friends and family, thus ensuring that you are ready for making a thriving career. There are so many institutions which offer the degree in English literature all over the world and below we are going to explore these outstanding places for you to consider.

1. Shanghai, China

China has a population of 1.39 million and its economy is around 11.2 trillion USD, making it one of the best economies in the world. China has become an economic hub because it has promoted education. Most of the people in China are literate and they are contributing to the GDP and economy of their country.

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China is offering some of the most exceptional literature major programs abroad and there is no reason why you should miss on them. China has an amazing market and after finishing your major you can try to get a job there. China has amazing opportunities for all students who want to do something in English majors. Going to China means that you will immerse into a completely new culture that stands out on its own. Moreover, the country has an amazing market value which will be good for your influence and future.

Shanghai english literature program

2. Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest educational hubs. Almost 847,000 students are enrolled here in different universities. It has an amazing economy and it is crossing terrific economical marks because it has promoted education. In Brazil, education is above everything and this is the reason why there are so many institutions for students from all walks of life and educational backgrounds, who wish to seek amazing opportunities abroad. Home to some of the finest universities globally, Sao Paulo has a population of 11 million people and excels in technology.

After finishing your major you can seek career opportunities in this amazing market as this city is the centre of Brazilian business. It has tremendous English literature courses and you should get yourself enrolled in them as early as you can.

Sao Paulo english literature major

3. Berlin, Germany

Ever heard of the German Silicon Valley? Well, it is that valley where you can find tons of top institutions that are offering premium literature major program abroad at economical and affordable rates. For all those who don’t have much money in their pocket but aspire to be in the literature arena should definitely head to German Silicon Valley as it is budget friendly place and truly a fantastic option for all those who want to make it big in international English major.

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The biggest advantage of being a student there is that after finishing your English major you can get yourself enrolled in any university as a professor or as a teacher. You can also get a work permit visa to seek career opportunities there in Berlin after working with your degree. German Silicon Valley and Berlin is one of the best places to live in Europe and for education. Around 41% of Berlin universities rank among the top, making it a brilliant place for all those who seek greater goals.

Berlin hub of English literature in Germany

4. Dublin, Ireland

For what it matters, James Joyce wrote Ulysses in Dublin. Ireland has marvelous cities and these cities have incredible institutions. Big giants like Google, Facebook and eBay have offices here and this says a lot about the authenticity and potential of this country.

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Dublin is buzzing with opportunities and there is no reason why you should not take these prospects too. For all those who want shine bright with a major in English literature should definitely consider this serene city that is home to some of the best universities globally and offers outstanding teaching options for students specializing in the literature subject. Also, it is immigrant friendly.

Dublin good place to learn english literature

5. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is even more beautiful in real and the best bit is that it is affordable. For all those who want to make it big in English literature must look into this place. If you don’t have much money in your pocket then Prague is your right choice. It is one of the best European countries and this city tops in many things including excellent education and career prospects with almost 40,000 international students enrolled in different universities in its belt.

While being quite affordable as compared to other European cities, Prague is extremely clean and has remarkable public transportation.

Prague Czech republic hub of learning english literature

It so easy for an English literature programs to get completely caught up in the world of others and literary works – but it’s so vital that you go on an adventure of your own as well. You never know what you may learn about yourself and literature and the insights you may gain. Get out from those screens and behind your books and take out time to live the sort of life that moves literature and those novels that you’ve always just been studying or reading.

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There are so many programs in different countries which are offering brilliant English literature courses abroad. Have a look to make sure that you are seeking the best you deserve.

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