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English Language Programs in Spain

Lets Discuss Some Best Ways On How Do You Studying In Spain In English

Credit it to the low costs of accommodation, beautiful sunny mornings and breath-taking cultural locales; Spain continues to be on the top list of the best study abroad places in Europe for international students. However, most students also get worried about not knowing even a tidbit of Spanish while planning to studying in Spain in English. Or they simply just prefer to make the most of their studying abroad experience while not having to invest all their free time in learning the local language.

 This need not be an issue anymore as Spain provides a wide range of English language programs for international students in almost all fields and enterprises. These are not only affordable but also boast of multiple scholarship opportunities for those who would like to avail these.

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In this article we talk about how you can manage to have a smooth studying in Spain in English while not knowing even an iota of Spanish. Below are some tips and tricks.

English Language Programs In Spain

Yes, if you were to look for programs that help you learn Spanish and explore the Spanish culture as an international student in Spain, you would find plenty of those. However, there are several options where you Spanish is not required as a baseline for you to start with and you need not spend time with acquiring the language skill if you do not want to. These are of 3 types:

1. University-Led Programs

Every college offers counselling for international students in Spain and you could easily go to your student counsellor today and ask about it. In the day and age of internet you could also look up exchange programs offered by your university on their website.

Many universities allow students nowadays to earn credits all while experiencing life abroad through their exchange programs. All major universities offer English Language programs in Spain in various top fields.

2. Direct Enrollment Through A University In Spain

Suffolk University has a Madrid based campus for example that allows you to explore myriads of subjects from social sciences to arts or biology, math in English language. Similarly, Arcadia University provides English language programs for international students in Spain in various subjects as well in two major cities namely Granada and Barcelona. St. Louis and Schiller International Universities also offer such English language-based programs.

3. Third-Party Study Abroad Programs

These are trust-worthy, well acclaimed businesses that help students navigate through top study abroad places all over the world including Spain. ISA, for example, operate in 9 cities all over Spain where they provide English language-based programs in various subjects. So, does CIEE that has made its name through consistently helping students allocate their best options for studying abroad in Spain in English.

If cost and affordability is a problem then students could look for a third party study-abroad provider program that offer grants as well as scholarships and there are plenty of those too.

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It is also imperative that certain subjects such as finance, international relations, IT and economics are much easier to find English language programs in Spain in as they have more of an international impact and nature.

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Picking Your Location

Spain boasts of a diverse geographical landscape and you will have plenty to choose from based on whether you prefer landscapes or tall building or mountain ranges or the big blue sea. This makes it a well-known and much preferred tourist destination for people from all across the world and from all walks of life. Hence it would not be surprising if you meet English speakers such as yourself in some of its major cities such as Madrid or Cadiz or Granada.

Finding Accommodation

The options for accommodation range from dorm rooms to being a live-in guest at a Spanish home. The latter option does afford one the authentic purely Spanish cultural and daily life exposure but the language barrier might set off any benefits garnered by choosing this option. With dorms you get to break it in with students from other countries that just might speak English such as yourself. That would make it much smoother for you to network and make friends and through this supportive environment you could then opt to immerse in the Spanish culture and language and the time and place of your choosing.

Free Language Learning Resources

Studying Abroad in Spain in English doesn’t have to be purely a sanitary experience where no contact with the Spanish language is ever made. There is an unspoken traveler’s etiquette that one must at least attempt to engage to some extent wherever they go while respecting the place and peoples’ individuality and culture. If you find the process daunting then do invest some time in free online resources such as Duolingo or SpanishDict in order to learn some conversational basics just in case! It will not only be endearing that you tried but will also afford you even more opportunities to meet people and explore various avenues.

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Planning A Master’s Degree From Spain

Not just college education but there are several master’s degree programs in Spain taught in English for non-native speakers and international students. Be it your quest to get a degree in medicine or law or even architecture, there are several options catering to all subjects and all students. Universidad Carlos III De Madrid, University of Granada and GBSB Global Business School are a few such places where you could explore these options.

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Hence, do not lose hope yet if you were really looking forward to studying abroad in Spain and do not really possess any Spanish language proficiency. These English Language programs for international students in Spain are designed to help exactly the likes of you.

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