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Best European Universities To Consider For An Undergraduate Program Abroad

Best European universities for undergraduates

Best European Universities

Europe has been leading hordes in higher education as far as you can go back in history. It has a rich background when it comes to devotion to the pursuit and dissemination of education and that is why studying an undergraduate program abroad in Europe has become something many students around the world look forward to. 1.4 million Students to be exact.

Many of the oldest universities of Europe have done some of the most groundbreaking work in various fields and are home to a great inclusive and transformation teaching environment, myriads of research opportunities along with the fact the a major number of citations in almost every academic field out their hail from Europe proving the credibility and reliability of their research process as well as a great international outreach. Plus these universities offer all kinds of programs for international students studying abroad ranging from bachelor degrees, masters programs, PhDs and even short term study opportunities.

European countries, cities, and universities all have their own unique culture, language and way of living while cost of living and accommodation differs across the board as well. Some of these are extremely affordable options as well and there are no visa requirements for international students in Europe. It also helps further your career in the sense that a degree from any of the European universities is highly sought after but employers worldwide since the skills and experience gathered there is considered highly prestigious. International students in Europe also have the benefit of being at the center of educational growth and advancements because of their top facilities and universities.

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This is made possible by the devotion that is directed towards a creative learning environment, risk taking and innovative thought process where students come together to achieve something bigger than themselves. Speaking of coming together of the students, studying at one of these European universities also offers students the opportunity to mingle with all kinds of cultures  from across the world builds resilience, tolerance and maturity. Given the number of international students who come for higher education abroad in Europe, everyone works together to make the place feel like home, plus the locals are friendly as well.

Alongside, the local languages are some of the leading languages of the world (24 official language),however, most programs offer courses in English. The opportunity to learn other global languages such as French, German etcetera is also lucrative. If you think studying is all you will get done while pursuing an undergraduate program abroad in Europe then you couldn’t be more wrong since you will automatically be pulled into the unique cultural experience Europe has to offer. There is not just cultures of all kinds like art, food and cuisine but breathtaking landscapes and travel destinations that keep students occupied in their free time.

As mentioned before, the devotion to education that is displayed at European universities means education is for all and should be easily accessible and affordable no matter what your background. This is made easier by the myriads of scholarships, grants, financial aid options and in some places the cheap costs. Some places are actually completely free as well.

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Europe boasts of 381 universities in the QS World University Rankings of 2019 that is almost half the universities in Europe so international students studying an undergraduate program abroad in Europe have myriads of options to choose from. One university from Switzerland even ranked amongst the top ten on these charts while most (76) of these universities were from the UK.

Best universities in Europe for American students:

    1. Austria

      Boasting of a total of 8 universities in the top 10 on the QS world rankings, this is first on our list. Some of the  best european universities

       can be found at:

      1. University of Vienna
      2. University of Innsbruck
      3. Vienna University of Economics and Business
      4. Vienna University of Technology
      5. University of Graz
      6. University of Salzburg
      7. Medical University of Vienna
      8. Johannes Kepler University Linz
      9. FH JOANNEUM Graz
      10. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, ViennaUndergraduate Program Abroad
    2. The United Kingdom 

      Being the most sought after destination for international students studying in Europe, UK has 4 of the world’s top 10 universities.

      1. Oxford University
      2. University of Cambridge
      3. Open University
      4. University College London
      5. London School of Economics
      6. Imperial College London
      7. University of Edinburgh
      8. University of Manchester
      9. University of Nottingham
      10. Leeds UniversityTop Bachelors Program in the U.K. in Europe
    3. Ireland

      Even though a small country, Ireland has managed to invade our list given the 8 universities ion the QS world rankings hail from here. Some of the best and most extensive undergraduate programs for international students in Europe are offered at:

        1. Trinity College Dublin
        2. University College Dublin
        3. National University of Ireland Galway
        4. Dublin City University
        5. University College Cork
        6. Dublin Institute of Technology
        7. Maynooth University
        8. Athlone Institute of Technology
        9. Waterford Institute of Technology
        10. Cork Institute of TechnologyTop Bachelor's Program in Ireland in Europe
    4. France

      Some of the top universities in the QS world rankings are located in the heart of France, Paris. There are many more though and are equally accomplished institutes for top European universities for an undergraduate program. 

      1. HEC Paris
      2. Pantheon Sorbonne University
      3. University of Grenoble
      4. INSEAD
      5. Claude Bernard University Lyon 1
      6. Sciences Po
      7. Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3
      8. Lumiere University Lyon 2
      9. ESSEC Business School
      10. École PolytechniqueBest Bachelor's degree in France in Europe
    5. Germany

      Free tuition is available in almost all states in Germany and it still has some of the best undergraduate universities for international students in Europe even though English is not the first language. It says a lot that international students studying in Europe would rather toil over learning the German language than opt for any other university.

      1. Technische Universität München
      2. Humboldt University of Berlin
      3. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
      4. Freie Universität Berlin
      5. University of Hamburg
      6. Heidelberg University
      7. University of Cologne
      8. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
      9. Goethe University Frankfurt
      10. University of BonnBest Bachelor's degree in Germany in Europe
    6. Russia

      A total of 27 universities in the QS World Rankings of 2019, Russia is fast becoming a top choice for Bachelor’s degree for international students in Europe. Some of these major universities are:

      1. Moscow State University
      2. Saint Petersburg State University
      3. Moscow State Institute of International Relations
      4. Kazan Federal University
      5. Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
      6. ITMO University
      7. Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
      8. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
      9. Ural Federal University
      10. Bauman Moscow State Technical Universitybest undergraduate program in Russia in Europe
    7. Belgium

      Some of the major educational institutes offering undergraduate programs for international students in Europe are located in Belgium. These are:

      1. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
      2. Ghent University
      3. UCLouvain
      4. Université Libre de Bruxelles
      5. University of Liege
      6. University of Antwerp
      7. Vrije Universiteit Brussel
      8. University of Hasselt
      9. University of Namur
      10. Saint Louis University, Brusselsbest undergraduate program in Belgium in Europe
    8. Italy
  1. Italy will dazzle you given its richness of culture and history and provide quality education given the fact the 30 universities from here are ranked high on International charts. There are many great opportunities for undergraduate programs at most of these universities: 
  1. Università degli Studi Pegaso
  2. University of Turin
  3. University of Milan
  4. Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna
  5. Politecnico di Milano
  6. Polytechnic University of Turin
  7. Catholic University of Milan
  8. University of Padua
  9. Bocconi University
  10. University of Palermotop bachelors program in Italy in Europe

9. Spain

  1. The fact that most international students prefer Spain for higher education abroad should speak for itself but yes, Spain has also achieved the great feat of putting 25 of its universities on the global charts. Namely:
      1. Open University of Catalonia
      2. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
      3. National University of Distance Education
      4. University of Barcelona
      5. University of Valencia
      6. International University of La Rioja
      7. King Juan Carlos University
      8. Autonomous University of Barcelona
      9. Autonomous University of Madrid
      10. University of Salamancabest bachelors program in Spain in Europe

        10. Netherlands

        13 universities on QS world rankings surely does mean a gold mine for top European universities for an undergraduate program. Some of these are:

        1. University of Amsterdam
        2. Utrecht University
        3. Leiden University
        4. University of Groningen
        5. Delft University of Technology
        6. Erasmus University Rotterdam
        7. Maastricht University
        8. Radboud University Nijmegen
        9. Wageningen University & Research
        10. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdambest bachelors program in Netherlands in Europe

11. Finland

Even though not much in terms of population, Finland managed to claim the most number of institutions as some of the best undergraduate universities for international students in Europe on the rankings.

          1. University of Helsinki
          2. University of Tampere
          3. Aalto University
          4. University of Turku
          5. University of Oulu
          6. University of Jyvaskyla
          7. Tampere University of Technology
          8. Turku University of Applied Sciences
          9. Åbo Akademi
          10. University of Laplandtop undergraduate degrees in Finland in Europe12. Denmark
            A Nordic country with an outstanding lifestyle, one of its universities is ranked 25th in the QS world rankings.

              1. University of Copenhagen
              2. Aarhus University
              3. Technical University of Denmark
              4. Copenhagen Business School
              5. University of Southern Denmark
              6. Aalborg University
              7. Roskilde University
              8. Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College
              9. Metropolitan University College
              10. IT University of Copenhagentop undergraduate degrees in Denmark in Europe

13. Norway

Norway’s University of Oslo is 52nd in Europe on the QS World Rankings making it a great choice for Bachelor’s degree for international students in Europe.

1. University of Oslo

2. Norwegian University of Science and Technology
3. University of Bergen
4. BI Norwegian Business School
5. University of Tromsø
6. Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
7. Nord University
8. Oslo University College
9. University of Stavanger
10. Norwegian School of Economics

top Bachelor’s degree in Norway in Europe

14. Sweden

With outstanding healthcare and childcare benefits alongside a booming economy, Sweden is another top choice for international students studying in Europe.

1. Lund University

2. Uppsala University

3. Stockholm University
4. KTH Royal Institute of Technology
5. University of Gothenburg
6. Karolinska Institutet
7. Linköping University
8. Chalmers University of Technology
9. Umeå University
Linnaeus University

best bachelors program in Sweden in Europe

15. Switzerland

As mentioned before, Switzerland is only country in Europe to achieve ranking in the world top 10 universities. Offering myriads of Bachelor’s degrees for international students in Europe we have:
1. ETH Zürich
2. University of Zurich
3. University of Geneva
4. École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
5. University of St. Gallen
6. University of Bern
7. IMD Business School
8. University of Lausanne
9. Zurich University of Applied Sciences/ZHAW
10. University of Fribourg

top undergraduate degree in Switzerland in Europe

Although it may seem so, this is nowhere an exhaustive and detailed list of best undergraduate universities for international in Europe as there are many more countries and cities that offer top notch education for students looking for higher education abroad. National Technical University of Athens in Greece, University of Porto in Portugal, University of Warsaw from Poland etc. are all great choices and require further exploration.

best undergraduate programs for international students in Europe

We suggest looking into countries with a rich historical background (they are not sparse when it comes to Europe), such as Romania, Serbia or Ukraine and universities that are placed high on QS World Ranking and you are all set for studying a first-class, top undergraduate program abroad in Europe.




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