Boost Your Grades With These Useful Academic Websites For College Students

best academic websites for college students

Academic websites for college students

Below we have compiled a detailed and in-depth list of academic websites for college students of all levels and subjects to help them deal with their everyday academic hassles and bring out the best in them:

1.      Quizlet

This website provides students with all kinds of flashcards, fun games and other relevant material to help them in preparing for their desired course. Gone are the days when note taking and course preparation was completely your responsibility- with Quizlet your efforts can now be shared and can save you ample time for other activities as well.

The best bit? Quizlet offers these tools for all kinds of subjects, levels and expertise.

2.      Grammarly

As the name suggests, this spectacular website is available as a downloadable widget that can be connected to your browser and help you in correcting any spelling or grammatical errors. Grammarly is much more developed than any other generic tool out there.

3.      Wolfram Alpha

This excellent academic website for college students allows you to do all sorts of calculations for a wide range of academic courses. It also boasts of an exhaustive list of facts and information on various topics that will help you get through your courses much more efficiently.

4.      eFollett

This is a brilliant tool where you can not only buy but also rent books that you might not be able to afford otherwise. College students can now save their precious money as this site offers all books on a price tag that is much lesser than the normal market price.

5.      StudyBlue

This is very much like Quizlet (mentioned above). It helps with test preparations and comes with an encyclopedic list of flashcards and notes materials for various subjects. It also has a feature where students can share their own study material with other students all over the world!

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6      Wikipedia

This renowned website not only gives you details about even the most challenging topics but also has an extremely comprehensive list of references at the end of every web page. You also get to have discussions with other coordinators on the site and can even update information on topics you think you know better than what the site offers.

7        The Owl

There are so many formatting styles in this day and age that an average student can hardly keep up with them all. The Owl helps you with APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard and so many more format styles.

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A creation of “Purdue University Online writing lab”, the site is a remarkable guide for formatting your college papers and features extensive information on everything related to citations, referencing and research.

8           Indeed

College essentially prepares you for the real job market that you will soon have to tackle. This will comes with the responsibility of bagging a nice job. Indeed helps you look for jobs in any kind of arena that you are interested in. You can easily put up your resume on it and the site itself will suggest you jobs that best suits your interests and also posts new alerts whenever available.

9      Google Drive

Cloud based storage is all the rage and google drive is perhaps one of the easiest and best tools to use out of all such platforms available. Not only is it free and has amazing storage capacity, but it also helps you create forms and documents online and saves your progress while you work on them, hence making sure not a sliver of data is lost.

You can upload and back up all kinds of data on Google Drive- this allows multiple people to work and edit the same files and work together on a single online platform as a team. You can also get add-ons for anything that may not be an intrinsic part of the site but is required during your work- for example converting your google document into a form or a questionnaire.

10     Ted talk

This is something that almost everyone is familiar with- a marvelous, informative and inspiring way to get through life, not just college. It will not only help you in learning about your course material but also features multiple videos on how to tackle any problem that a nouveau-adult encounters in their real world, day to day life.

11      RealCalc

Instead of investing your hard earned money in buying an expensive calculator and then worry about it being stolen from your dorm room, you can simply toggle into this resourceful academic website from your browser and enjoy all kinds of calculation tools. It is a scientific calculator that you can download to not just your computer but also to your phone. This will make your math/finance/accounts assignments a much easier and quicker than usual.

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