Top Destinations To Intern Abroad In 2024

Top Destinations to Inter and working Abroad in 2020

When it comes to applying for an internship abroad, there are so many possibilities for one to explore that it’s almost a task in itself to choose the best internship program.

Where should one begin and what should one end with?

Should you choose based on your partiality towards a certain locale?

Your knowledge of the culture and the language?

What are the best destinations to intern abroad?

Or simply consider places with renowned multinational companies that would surely give you an experience of a lifetime.

We say, that in order to make your internship look good and eye catching on the resume, you should choose to think apart from all your peers and opt for something that’s equally exclusive, effective and enlightening. This will help you not only in standing out from others but will also allow you to explore a number of things that are otherwise ignored.

Below we have compiled a list of locales that have not only something special to offer and boast the finest international companies but will also offer you the chance to learn something entirely out of the box. These are some of the top Destinations To Intern Abroad that will immensely help you in not just boosting your career but also in shaping your personality:

top destinations to intern abroad 2022

List Of Best Destinations To Intern Abroad


This country boasts of abundant culture and interesting archaeology, making it a go-to place for students interested in top internship opportunities abroad. You will not only get to explore the breathtaking locale but also experience the blissful city life that is rich in amazing food innovations as well as some beautiful beaches.

Coming back to the internship opportunities and offers, they have several NGOs that you could volunteer for as well as various rural areas where one could help with getting not only medical supplies but projects that cater to educational and nutritional needs. They have internship programs for women empowerment where women are taught about real life skills along with being provided necessary knowledge of finance that they could use in their day to day life.

Apart from this, you can find various fund-raising opportunities as well. Light and Leadership Initiative, Globalteer and Projects Abroad are some of the organizations that can be looked into for their heaps of internship opportunities.


This outstanding South-American city has been flourishing financially over the years and has turned into a modern and edgy locale that is highly favored by people worldwide for internships abroad. It has an amazing public transport system, some of the tallest buildings in South America alongside multiple internationally ranked universities. Jumping from the synthetic to the natural locale, it not only has a wonderful climate but also breathtaking outdoors along with parks and villages boasting of all sorts of weather- you can choose your preferred city based on whether you prefer dry or wet, sunny or snowing.

It offers one of the finest internships opportunities and offers as there is an increasing need of healthcare all across the country. There are also several newly sprouting businesses that require some prompt aid. Again, you can choose whether to go for a much rural area internship or a bustling city life on. Some organizations offering you some of the top destinations in Chile to intern abroad are Sage Corps, Adelante and IES Abroad.


Spanning 11 time zones, Russia is the world’s largest country and still maintains to not only boast about its worthy economy across almost all walk of life be it finance or natural resources but is also packed with a vigorous political as well as cultural history that its most famous author Tolstoy’s one single book alone can tell you about.

It is not exaggeration or hyperbole then for us to say that it is the best and the most interesting place for people looking for the best internship program abroad. While undertaking these internships, one simply needs to wander around to learn about its various cultural and social heritages or perhaps visit the Kremlin.

However, we do acknowledge that this could get quite overwhelming and there are tons of options in Russia to choose from. There are engineering and education-based internships as well as various internship opportunities and offers in marketing and media. Some organizations to look into are Hudson Group and Crossroads Eurasia.

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Who has not heard of Malaysia and its world’s tallest twin towers? Not only a huge business hub, but also one of the world’s biggest exporter of semiconductors. Still not convinced? It is not only the most readily developed country in Southeast Asia but English is also one of its most widely spoken languages, enough to be known as the second language of its people.

If you are someone who requires a wide range of stimulating activities then this country is for you. The internship opportunities and offers are far and wide and could range from working on the beaches to help save endangered aquatic life to working for multinational businesses or you could just head to a quaint island in any corner of the country and educate or coach the rural masses and help them grow. Kids Lacrosse the World, Turtle Watch Camp and Kuala Lumpur with AIP are some of the organizations that provide inspiring and fulfilling internship opportunities in Malaysia.

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If you are a pizza and pasta enthusiast and enjoy looking at gorgeous architecture and pavements then Italy is the choice for your next internship and study in Italy. Italy offers not only cities with a rigorous history such as Rome or Florence but also boasts of breathtaking rural landscapes as well as beaches along the Amalfi Coast. In short, it has something for everyone.

Connoisseurs of art and history should opt for an internship in either Rome or Florence with CIS Abroad and CEA Abroad while those of you who are much more interested in Fashion and lifestyle, then there’s no denying that Milan (the hub of fashion) is where you should be flying to for internship opportunities and offers in fashion and design. IES Abroad offers not only such fashion internships but also provides business related internship opportunities for those interested in exploring these fields.


The East European country’s largest, most developed city and the capital, Budapest, has been a hot topic of many awe-inspiring songs but what they didn’t know is that it offers a wide range of internship opportunities and offers and is perhaps the most of the entire country of Hungary. The country is changing its very landscape right as we see it that is how fast it’s thriving.

People from all across the world from all walks of life be it technology or arts or even fashion are coming together to make the country realize its potential and help it become all-the-more developed. Apart from this, the country has at least 10 national parks along with various river and mountain ranges open for all kinds of explorations.

The internship opportunities are far and wide and based on your taste you could choose between mathematics or healthcare with Budapest Semesters Mathematics Education and Atlantis, respectively. If this wasn’t enough then you could just opt for Partnership International where they let you design your very own internship based on your tastes and preferences.


Hands down, Germany truly has one of the best internship programs in the world. Be it world politics or history, Germany has reared its head and made its mark. Its cities such as Berlin or Munich boast top educational institutions and organizations that are very well known among-st students. But the best part is how widely spoken English language has become over the years hence if you are someone who is looking for an internship abroad and do not really possess a mastery of the German language, even then you could opt for Germany easily without being scared of not being able to immerse in the culture.

There are several internship opportunities and offers in Germany from startup businesses to arts provided by organizations such as Corkscrew and ArtBound Initiative or you could design your own internship with Cultural Vistas that dabbles in some of the major enterprises such as automotive which Germany is very well known for and even Science and Technology.

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This concludes our top picks for internships abroad and we have hoped to cover and provide something for everyone. In the end, it depends upon your passion in life or your choice of career that such internships will further help you with.

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