What Qualifications Are Needed To Teach Abroad In Australia?

qualification needed to get teaching job in Australia

Teach Abroad In Australia

Australia is a diverse country where the world’s oldest cultures share the beauty of the country. Among the many spectaculars one is able to witness in Australia, a few noteworthy ones are the rock art (more than 20 thousand years old) in the Kakadu National Park, the sites of Sydney Harbour, urbanized cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Darwin, Brisbane, New South Wales etc. along with the Great Barrier Reef, the azure waters that surround Rottnest Island, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, are some of the famous cities and favourite tourist spots one can visit while living or travelling in Australia.

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Australia also offers great culinary experience with both fine dining as well as beachside and casual dining spots. Due to different ethnic groups migrating to Australia over the past many years, the food in Australia has undergone diverse changes to accumulate the various cultures and cuisines inhabiting the country. The food in Australia is full of vibrant flavors, served with live and excellent service, and not limited to one particular country. So if you’re thinking of working with the Aussies as means of experiencing the majestic beauty of the country ‘down under’, might we suggest teaching internationally in Australia as means to fulfill your desire?

Qualifications Needed to Teach in Australia

The curriculum in Australia is similar to that in the United Kingdom, America as well as Canada. Thus, if you belong or have previously worked as a teacher in any one of these countries, you might have a slightly bigger chance of becoming successful in Australia.

Teaching In Australia Requirements

The first step is to become registered as a teacher in Australia. To be registered, one must meet the minimum qualification requirements set by the Board:

  1. To teach abroad in Australia, one must hold 4 years of higher education (university) qualifications of full time (or equivalent to part-time) study which includes a teacher education qualification as well. This includes qualification of under-graduate teacher education that is of at least 4 year’s duration including an adequate teaching practicing component.
  1. A separate qualification accepted by the Board , i.e: an approved postgraduate teacher education qualification obtained over the duration of a minimum (full time) 1 year, including an adequate teaching practice component that has been supervised as well as a non-teaching undergraduate qualification obtained over the duration of a minimum (full time) 3 years.
Teach Abroad In Australia
Teacher helping students in Australia

Teachers with Overseas Teaching Qualification

 If you hold a teacher education qualification from any other country other than and outside of Australia, you must first complete an ‘Application for Assessment of Qualifications’ that will determine whether the qualifications you hold meet the minimum requirements set by the Board for the registrations of teachers.

Further Qualifications for teaching in Australia

If you are already a registered teacher and have also obtained any additional higher education qualifications, you can easily have these qualifications added to your Certificate of Teacher Registration Australia with no cost at all.

A point to remember is that if one requires to have their extra qualifications added to their Certificate of Teacher Registration, they must submit a certified copy of their official academic transcript by post or in person at the Board’s office. A lone degree parchment in itself cannot be accepted by the Board if presented as proof of having completed a particular qualification.

If a final official transcript has been provided to you through My eQuals (the official platform of New Zealand and Australian universities, providing safe access to official, certified degree documents and transcripts anywhere, anytime), you must share the transcript document to ( [email protected] ) and also set an expiry date after submitting your application to a minimum of 28 days.

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The Board will send you a new Certificate of Teacher Registration Australia (updated with further qualifications that appear under your name) through post. However, this process can take several weeks to complete (especially during peak times), hence it is important that you remain patient.

teacher and students playing and study together
Teacher and Students playing and study together


  1. Academic Transcripts

Also referred to as academic records, mark statements or sheets of results, academic transcripts include the qualification, the name of the institution that awarded the qualification, the subjects that were studied and the grades that were received. The transcript paper belonging to the educational institute has the official academic transcript printed on it, bearing proof that one has completed all the requirements of the needed qualification or proof that these qualifications were awarded or conferred to the recipient.

  1. Degree Parchments

Another teaching in Australia requirement is to submit your degree parchment. Also called a degree certificate or diploma, a parchment is that document that is given to the recipient at a graduation ceremony. If a person has obtained from somewhere out of Australia, their official transcripts along with their degree parchments must be provided to the Board. Only a degree parchment cannot be used as proof of qualifications.

  1. Course Syllabus

These are documents produced by higher education institutes that determine the requirement each student must meet before anyone can be awarded the qualification they have studied for. This document must be acceptable in nature, especially if one has studied for their teacher education qualification from outside of Australia and are required to provide proof of their supervised teaching practices in order to teach abroad in Australia.

  1. Minimum Prescribed Qualification for Registration

The qualifications needed to be registered as a teacher in Australia pursuant to Section 4 (1) of the Teachers Registration and Standard Regulations 2016 are:

  • A teacher education degree, diploma or any other qualification that is approved and awarded upon completing a tertiary course of pre-service teacher education in either pre-school, primary or secondary education, provided its duration is 4 year (full time or equivalent part time) at the very least; includes a practical student teaching component that was undertaken at a pre-school or a school.
  • A non-teacher education degree, diploma, or any other qualification that was approved and awarded upon completion of a tertiary course spanning over a duration of 3 years (full time); or a post graduate degree, diploma or any other qualification that was approved and awarded upon completion of a tertiary course of pre-service teacher education in either pre-school, primary or secondary education that spans over a duration of a minimum of 1 year (full-time or a part-time equivalent) and includes a practical student teaching component that was undertaken at a pre-school or a school.

Teaching Abroad jobs

Moving to another city is a hectic experience, let alone another continent and country. Hence after you have landed your preferred teaching job in Australia, you must plan your move accordingly. Look online for apartments or houses near the school that has hired you. This will make the transit to and from the school easier in the long run for you. Be sure to notify your Credit Card Company and banks about your shifting so you can easily access your accounts in Australia. The Commonwealth Bank and National Australian Bank are big banks and you can open you account there as well so as to receive your monthly pay.

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Living in Australia can be both fun and challenging. If you are moving there alone, you might eventually start to feel lonely and this could lead to depression. So, the first thing you must do after moving to Australia is getting to know your neighbours and once you start teaching internationally, look to your colleagues and superiors at school for support in adjusting to life in Australia.

teaching abroad jobs

Become a part of the community by taking part in school or community events so that you feel needed, loved and appreciated. And lastly, be sure to enjoy the beauty of Australia, enjoy the world-class cuisine that has developed in the country due to years of various ethnicity migrating, living together and sharing one another’s recipes and finally just simply enjoying the moments as they come by.


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