Top Destinations To Teach Abroad In 2024

top destinations to teach abroad

It’s a new age where you don’t need to save your entire life’s savings just to be able to travel the world. However, money isn’t the only obstacle in a person’s wanderlust filled life. Not many careers allow us the freedom to travel to our desired places hence choosing a career as a teacher, especially one of ESL (teaching English as a Second Language) can be highly beneficial in the sense that it allows one to not only travel the world but also earn a handsome salary.

Top Destinations To Teach Abroad

Below is a list of some of the Top Destinations To Teach Abroad that pay their teachers outstandingly well, are worth visiting and where the living conditions are also culturally accepting. Not only do these countries offer great teaching careers abroad but also offer excellent professional experiences that best suit your preferences and skills.


 Since the year 2017, Japan has managed to unseat Vietnam as the top country since it offers people the chance to experience the best of both the modern and ancient worlds. Educational institutes in Japan are competitive in nature –  proper, well-documented certifications along with ample experience can be helpful for those applying for teaching positions in Japan.

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The Japanese government runs the JET Program that helps university graduates look for work in the country. Teachers can earn between 200,000-600,00 Yen (approximately 1700-5000 US $) per month. Hourly tutoring rates in Japan are 3000 Yen (approximately 25 US $) per hour. Flights, accommodation, and training are also included in the bonuses, thus giving potential candidates a one-of-a-kind teaching abroad experience like no other. Monthly expenses for a single person living in the city is around 95,000 Yen and 57,000 Yen in the rural area.

Japan best place to teach abroad 2022


 The country has managed to rise above to the second position amongst all desirable countries and has a total of 139 ESL (teaching English as a Second Language) programs along with a high demand for English speaking teachers. For those looking to benefit from teaching abroad, the country has its long history and rich culture to offer to foreigners. The salary offered to teachers in China is approximately RMB 10,000- 15,000 (1400- 2200 US$) per month for public/private institutions. International schools offer around RMB 20,000- 30,000 (2800-4300 US$) per month to the teachers they employ.

tech in china 2022


Vietnam is a diverse country with endless beaches and lush jungles. There are new language schools being established rapidly in larger cities of Vietnam as the country has begun to focus on the English language. Thus ESL teachers are paid relatively high salaries and the overall expense of living in Vietnam is also low, making your teaching abroad experience all-the-more cherished and fruitful.

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Mountains, Ha Long Bay, rice fields along with the Grand Temple as well as the local colorful market that is home to delicious food are some of the places that are worth visiting while in Vietnam. Another intriguing fact about Vietnam is its complex history of French colonialism made more complicated due to the American welfare which is bound to interest many history loving individuals.

best teaching experience in Vietnam 2022


Home to not only beautiful mountains, deserts and glaciers, Chile is also brimming with culture, the locals are extremely friendly, the seafood is delicious and the most promising thing about teaching in the country is the opportunity to teach in both private and public schools along with private tutoring gigs.

The Chilean government makes navigating the jobs easier as they completely support various ESL placement programs as highly educated citizens are very much in demand. Working in Chile also grants one access to nearby countries such as Bolivia, Argentina, and Peru while exploring the mountains, coasts and other scenic beauty of Chile is granted.

Chile best place to do teaching job 2022


The country straddles the qualities of both Eastern and Western Europe (geographically and culturally as well). Larger cities such as Krakow are brimming with international tourism and culture, hence is a hub for international teachers. The countryside, on the other hand, does not provide many teaching opportunities.

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Teachers are able to increase their spending salaries by giving private tutoring as well as bar tending in their free time since the living expense in Poland is not that high. For the traveler in you, there are medieval castles located in the country along with conflicting European history and delicious food, especially mouth-watering bagels.

Poland best place to study and teach 2022


The country does not possess any typical European beauty but is home to walled cities, turquoise waters, terracotta-tiled roofs as well as numerous gorgeous mountains and has weather as well as sights similar to the Mediterranean even though it is located in Eastern Europe. Basic salary for teaching at language schools for ESL teachers is between 800 US$- 1200 US$ and at international schools, the salaries begin from 2000 US$. Bonuses include vacations from mid- June till September along with vacation during all national holidays occurring in spring, fall and during Christmas.

Croatia land of beauty and heritage 2022


 The country has been placed at number 7 due to it being a very popular destination which not only attracts numerous tourists but even international teachers. Thailand is home to numerous beautiful coasts and due to the fact that the country is small in size, no matter where you choose to live and teach, mountains and beaches will surround you.

Thailand best teaching offer


The United Arab Emirates has risen to number 8 due to the fact that teachers do not have to worry about taxes and have the opportunity to earn more in U.A.E as compared to many other countries.  A modern country with beautiful beaches, dunes and centuries-old history with culture, U.A.E is a great place for not only ESL teachers but also those who teach other subjects, making your teaching career abroad even more enlightening and exciting.

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Teachers are provided with flights, health insurance, accommodations and even education allowance for their children. However, teaching jobs in U.A.E are very competitive and hence it isn’t possible for fresh graduates to be able to secure a teaching job. However, one can earn between (2400-5500 US$) per month. Language schools offer salaries between 12300- 20,400 AED (3300-5500 US$), vocational schools and colleges offer 11,000- 15,000 AED (3000- 4000 US$). Teachers with relatively new experience (2-3 years) begin by earning approximately 11000 AED. Teachers with backgrounds in physics, engineering, and aviation are especially in demand right now.

teaching career in uae


Although the country doesn’t offer high paying positions to teachers, it can’t be resisted by individuals with wanderlust. The basic salary of a teacher in Spain is 800-1200 US$ and international teachers can earn up to 2000 US$ tutoring privately in their expert subjects. Traveling within Spain is an affordable hobby and the bonus is that the country is connected to many other European countries as well.

best teaching job in spain 2022

South Korea

Famous for offering notoriously high salaries to teachers, one mustn’t forget that the living expense in South Korea is also relatively high as compared to other countries around the world. If one is cost-conscious, one can live comfortably and even save some money.

The country is another perfect blend of well-preserved history and the latest technology of the present which offers the expats an experience of a lifetime. Public schools offer 1.5- 3 million won (1300- 2000 US $), private academies offer 1.9- 2.3 million won (1700-2000 US$), universities offer 2.3- 3.5 million won (2000- 3100 US$) and international schools offer 1.8- 2.8 million won (1600-2500 US$) to their teachers. On the whole, teachers can earn up to 16,000-37,000 US$ per year.

teaching abroad in South Korea 2022

That’s about it! These best places for teaching abroad are truly a dream come true for someone who does not only wish to visit overseas but also live there –  a teaching career abroad is one of the finest and most flexible careers one can have.

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