Top Scholarship Opportunities For International Students In New Zealand

Scholarships For International Students In New Zealand

When it comes to the world’s most attractive study abroad destinations, New Zealand definitely holds its own amongst the famous most sought after ones of these. This is owing to the fact that it houses some of the world’s top ranking universities and an even rigorous higher education system ranking 16th on the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings. Not just this, but international students in New Zealand also get to enjoy a sprawling and captivating scenery as well along with a high paced, fun and interesting lifestyle. Here we talk about Scholarships For International Students In New Zealand.

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It is usually believed that a higher education abroad in a destination such as New Zealand would cost international students a lot, which despite being true is mitigated to a certain extent by financial aid and scholarship opportunities. These scholarships and financial aid programs are afforded to international students from a few chosen countries in the Pacific, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Caribbean as along with the countries that are part of the Commonwealth.

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This not only cover tuition fees for the students looking for higher education in New Zealand but also goes one step further to makes international student life in New Zealand easier by providing funds and stipends for accommodation as well as establishment.

They also include medical and travel insurance and cover travel from your home country to New Zealand as well. Depending on the length of the scholarship you have procured, you will be allowed to make one or two trips home on this aid. If you aim to conduct a research or thesis after your undergraduate studies in New Zealand then some scholarships provide aid for that as well. Along with the government funded bodies for financial aid there are universities that help international students by offering them scholarships as well.

We have here highlighted some of the best scholarships in New Zealand:

Fulbright New Zealand US Graduate Awards are for international students that hail from the United States and aim to pursue either a post-graduate degree in New Zealand or are looking to get enrolled in a research program. This is regardless of the field that these students might have chosen.

This goes on to make international student life in New Zealand easier since the scholarship will not only pay the university tuition fee but will also be covering the cost of accommodation as well as travelling. This includes other miscellaneous costs as well.

New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade Scholarships is essentially what is a lump sum of scholarships that cover financial aid on all educational levels which includes higher education in New Zealand.

International students who qualify for these scholarships can hail from any country in either the Pacific or South-East Asia. These scholarships, just like the aforementioned one covers all kinds of costs that a university student in New Zealand might come across.

New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships judges students based on their academic prowess so far in the academic career and after the few lucky ones have been selected, it provides a fixed amount for university students in New Zealand and this will essentially take care of all the tuition as well as the accommodation and other miscellaneous charges for students planning to attempt an academic course spanning over 3 years.

This however covers only those foreign students who are attending a PhD program.

scholarship opportunities in New Zealand

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) offers any student studying abroad in New Zealand the opportunity to score scholarships in all manners of fields and disciplines once they have achieved successful placement in one of the many well curated programs offered at the university. Auckland Medical Aid Trust Scholarship is a Research Scholarship and is awarded to those international students who are undertaking research studies in Human Reproduction or medical as well as technological advancement in New Zealand.

Scholarships For International Students In New Zealand

Master of Arts Scholarship at Auckland University of Technology is for Master’s students and is for those undertaking Language Teaching courses. Auckland University of Technology Colab PhD/MPhil Fees Scholarships is for Mphil, PhD students in any subject.

Lincoln University aims to make international student life in New Zealand better and much smoother and this is mitigated solely by the vast database compiled by the university, for the students to rummage through and find the one that fits them the best according to their academic course as well as their higher education level. Lincoln University Kathleen Ann Stevens Scholarship is a post-graduate scholarship program for students of Animal Sciences.

University School Leaver Scholarships is an undergraduate scholarship program and is awarded to students of any academic course. Lincoln University Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships is for Bachelors studies in all subjects.

Massey University Doctoral Scholarship allows foreign students in New Zealand as well as the local ones the opportunity to secure scholarships in order to attend a doctorate program at any of the universities. New Zealand College of Humanities and Social Sciences International Excellence Scholarship are for students undertaking undergraduate and post-graduate studies.

New Zealand Undergraduate/Postgraduate International Excellence Scholarship is for undergraduate students of humanities and social sciences.

Southern Institute of Technology is offered by the Southern Institute of Technology for any of the international students looking to study abroad in New Zealand.

University of Auckland International Student Scholarships is another great scholarship opportunity and is offered at all levels of higher education. Cecil Segedin Undergraduate Scholarships in Engineering Science for undergraduate studies in Engineering. New Zealand University of Auckland International PhD Scholarship is another great opportunity.

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University of Canterbury has a similarly vast array of scholarship opportunities assorted for students and search tools can be accessed in order to customize the results as per your inclinations. UC International First Year Scholarship is offered by the University of Canterbury and can be afforded to students with eminent academic merit back at their home country. This can be awarded to any foreign student in New Zealand who is undertaking a graduate level program at the University of Canterbury.

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Another such scholarship at University of Canterbury is Laura J Clad Memorial Scholarship and is afforded to students both local as well as international undertaking either a doctorate or a Master’s course. These are also awarded to students who would like to study a PhD program in Ecology or environmental studies. FA Hayek Scholarship is for Master’s students in the fields of either Economics or Political Sciences.

Eamon Molloy Memorial Scholarship is for international students hailing from some of the selected countries in Asia and is awarded to those undertaking under-graduate studies. Roland Stead Scholarship is for Master’s studies in Biology. CWF Hamilton and Co Ltd Master’s Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering is for Master’s programs as well for those interested in Mechanical Engineering.

University of Otago has scholarships available for international students for all kinds of post-graduate courses. It is awarded to those international students who are attending the University of Otago and undertaking a Master’s program in New Zealand.

University of Otago Alan Musgrave Scholarship in Philosophy is for post-graduate students of Philosophy and is reserved for international students in New Zealand. A full-time MBA scholarship is available for students looking forward to doing an MBA in business administration. University of Otago, Alexander Leith Bagpipe and Drum Scholarship is for graduate studies in Music.

University of Waikato is another well renowned and internationally acclaimed university that offers myriads of scholarships to international students in New Zealand. These include the International Excellence Scholarship as well as the Michael Baldwin Memorial Scholarship. The former one allows student’s placements based on the level of their academic merit or most importantly academic excellence and the latter is limited to the students of the South Pacific in need of financial aid due to reasons purely financial.

University of Waikato FASS 120-/240-point Master’s Thesis Awards in New Zealand is for international students undertaking a Master’s in Arts or Social Sciences and is reserved for prospective foreign students considering further education in New Zealand. Another Master’s scholarship based on Research in Tauranga Campus Research Masters Scholarship and is afforded to students undertaking a Master’s program in any of the academic fields.

University of Waikato Air New Zealand Health and Well-being Doctoral Scholarship in New Zealand is a postgraduate research scholarship for international students interested in conducting research in Health and Sports fields.

An undergraduate scholarship program called Ian McLaren Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship is available as well. Tauranga Campus First-in-Family Scholarship is also for undergraduate studies in any subject. Hamilton Club Scholarship in Health is for bachelors and undergraduate studies as well.

  • AusIMM New Zealand Branch Education Endowment Trust Scholarships are scholarships specifically catered to international students in New Zealand for minerals related academic courses.
  • Barbara Wood Memorial Foundation is catered to international students planning to study either in New Zealand or any other South Pacific countries.
  • Go Overseas Study Abroad Scholarship affords a stipend of US$15,000 on undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels for students coming from either the United States or Europe.
  • Reserve Bank of New Zealand University Scholarships offers financial aid for international students undertaking degrees in either economics or finance/banking in New Zealand. These are available on both the honors as well as master’s and doctorate levels of higher education.

Once students studying abroad in New Zealand have procured a work visa, this scholarship offer also provides employment opportunities at the Reserve Bank after the completion of your degree. This is undertaken in order for you to be able pay them back for the financial aid during your academic career. If students do not undertake this offer of employment then they will have to repay the scholarship.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan is specifically designed for foreign students in New Zealand who hail from Canada and can be offered to students going for any academic discipline.higher education in university of auckland

R. H. T. Bates Postgraduate Scholarship is for both local as well as university students in New Zealand and is offered to those undertaking a PhD in either engineering or physical sciences at any of the universities.

ADB Scholarships is offered by one of the most prestigious universities in New Zealand, the University of Auckland. This is offered to students who are from the developing countries that are member of the Asian Development Bank. These are for international students who undertake a post-graduate program at the university and will be afforded not just academic fees but travel costs and basic accommodation costs will also be covered along with medical insurance.

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Victoria University of Wellington caters to the students in New Zealand on all levels of higher education except doctorate. Although they specifically cater to Latin American students with high academic merit. Victoria Masters Scholarships by the Victoria University of Wellington is awarded in order to further the post-graduate researches and are given to students interested in a research/thesis based Master’s program.

Hector Macaskill Memorial Scholarship in Children’s Librarianship is another financial aid program for international students undertaking Master’s or PhD in becoming a library manager. Victoria Tongarewa Scholarship is awarded to those international students in New Zealand who are undertaking Bachelors, undergraduate or postgraduate studies in the field of Humanities.

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Therle Drake Postgraduate Scholarship is for post-graduate studies specifically and can be afforded to students of any academic course. Laurie Cameron Scholarship is a research scholarship for those who are looking to conduct research studies in policy or management. Victoria University of Wellington Colin Aikman Award is for all; undergraduate, Master’s or PhD studies in constitutional law or human rights.

35 International PhD Scholarships at Victoria University of Wellington is a PhD scholarship and is awarded to students of all subjects. Victoria Hardship Fund Equity Grants is for undergraduate or postgraduate students and is also awarded to students of any course. Victoria International Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships in New Zealand aids those undertaking bachelor or undergraduate studies at the Victoria University of Wellington.

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These best scholarships in New Zealand will surely come in handy for someone aiming for higher education in New Zealand. Not only does New Zealand offer top-notch education, but also comes with a rich culture and a beautiful environment that no one should miss.


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