Best Scholarship Opportunities For International Students In Africa

best masters scholarships in Africa

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Best Scholarship Opportunities For International Students In Africa

South Africa is rapidly becoming a prime destination for international students wanting to study abroad in Africa. International students are increasing every day in Africa, they come here to both hone and augment their skills as high quality education is provided in the country. For some students however, South Africa might not be affordable and financial aid becomes a necessity if they are intend to attend higher education in Africa. This is amped up by many scholarship programs and makes university life for foreign students in Africa a bit easier. Such financial aid programs are available on both the undergraduate as well as the post-graduate levels and can be availed by both local as well as the international students in Africa.

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Most of these are fully funded by the organizations offering them and below we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best scholarship opportunities for international students in Africa:

1.Interdisciplinary Bilateral Master Scholarships In South Africa

This is a fully funded scholarship offered by Wits-TUB Urban Lab and is for international students who plan to undertake academic studies in either architecture or planning. These can be availed both by local students and by students that are coming from other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Only provided at the post-graduate levels for students undertaking a master’s degree, this financial aid programmer has full support from Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation as well as Development (BMZ) and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). They aim to provide rapid advancements in the quality of graduate studies in such fields as mentioned above.

2.The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships for South Africa

These are also awarded to students undertaking a master’s degree in Africa and are available to the local students. Leadership and management skills are instilled into students who end up availing this scholarship and some future as well as contemporary leaders can be a product of this. International students can immerse in the Swedish culture, local way of life and society and take home some great lessons from the experience.

3.Australia Awards Scholarships for 1,000 African Students 2019/2020– with at least 3rd Class

These are for the years 2019 and 2020 and applications go in on September the 1st of each year. International students can either avail the Australian Awards Scholarship where financial aid is provided for Master’s level education or students can go for Australia Awards Short Course where vocational training spanning over a short period of time can be undertaken leading to better career options and development.

4. Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship for Developing Countries (Master’s & PhD) 2019-2020

These scholarships were announced by the Aga Khan Foundation and were specifically designed for developing countries. International students in Africa looking to obtain a Master’s Degree will be awarded the scholarship based on various criteria’s one of them being academic excellence along with the inability of students to fund their own higher education in Africa.

Best Scholarship Opportunities For International Students In Africa

5. DRD/DAAD Master’s & PhD Full Scholarships for Africa (Study in South Africa & Germany) 2019/2020- Apply Now

International students hailing from any country in the Sub-Saharan Africa who have displayed academic excellence previously are awarded this financial aid by the Institute of Development Research and Development and these go out every year. International students in Africa can avail this scholarship if they are planning to attend the University of the Western Cape, South Africa for their higher education. These can also be awarded to students who plan to go abroad to Germany at University of Bochum.

6. The OPEC Fund for International Development

If you are international student almost completing your undergraduate degrees and planning to go for higher education in Africa, particularly a Master’s Degree then this scholarship is best for you provided that you qualify. This is an OFID Scholarship Award for the year 2019 offered by the OPEC Fund for International Development.

7. National Research Foundation (NRF) Extension Scholarship for Masters and Doctoral Studies in South Africa, 2019

These scholarships were specifically designed and curated in order to further the causes of Extension Support for Masters and Doctoral funding instrument. Both the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and The National Research Foundation (NRF) provide this financial aid program for post-graduate students. This is for a Master’s degree and those who are undertaking PhD studies.

8. PhD Scholarships in Development/Population Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, 2019

These are for international students looking to get a doctorate in The School of Built Environment and Development Studies or University of KwaZulu-Natal in Africa. They are trying to advocate and advance further research studies on economic development and catering to students this way will help further their cause as well.

9. Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academic Scholarship for Girls 2019

This is for a boarding school for girls founded by Oprah Winfrey called Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. Girls displaying par excellence in their academic conquests and hailing from resources backgrounds are given preference for these scholarships.

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10. Stellenbosch University Postdoctoral Fellowship in South Africa, 2019

Post-doctoral and post-graduate research students can avail this scholarship if they working in the fields of the cellular aspect of Sports and Exercise Medicine. Studying at one of the top 4 universities in Africa where research is given top priority can be a great opportunity for international students in Africa.

11. The International Relations Committee of the American College of Surgeons (ACS)

These are essentially travel grants for surgeons to go and undertake educational activities at ACS annual Clinical Congress. This was designed with the aim for these surgeons to go and provide assistance to the local surgeons and work with departments and countries with lack of resources that might be found in other parts of the worlds – a challenging yet great learning experience.

12. Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Scholarship/Fellowship for South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Swaziland Students 2019-2020

International students wanting to study abroad in Africa and having passed either 12th Grade or currently in first year of their university program in Southern Africa, Botswana, Swaziland or Namibia are chosen for this program. These students will then be trained to become great professional in their fields given the quality of education provided and go on to become entrepreneurs.

12. W&R SETA Graduate Program in South Africa 2018–19

!2 graduate students are recruited by the United Pharmaceutical Distributors for internship programs and those who are chosen for this financial aid program are required to report to the Operations Managers where they will be notified of their roles.

13. University of Pretoria Commonwealth Doctoral Scholarship For International Students 2019

These are awarded to international students in Africa interested in PhD programs and need to be applying to the program within three years of the completion of their undergraduate education.

14.IBRO African Regional Committee Research Bursaries for African Researchers, 2019

A set stipend is awarded to international students interested in research programs and independent research can be carried out by these students utilizing the bursaries awarded.

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This is a global federation for organizations working in the field of neuroscience and their main objective remains furthering research in the field through such acts as mentioned before along with rigorous teaching and training with outreach programs.

15. University of Cape Town Postgraduate Research Scholarships

These are for postgraduate students and specifically for research studies in Faculty of Health Sciences. University of Cape Town has quickly become a leading university in research but other fields are also given due attention. Any international students in Africa getting a Masters or a PhD can be awarded this program and will be expected to assist research teams on campus.

16. University of Pretoria – Masters in Human Rights and Democratization in Africa

Curated in coalition with 13 major and leading African universities in most fields, this was developed by the Centre of Human Rights of the University of Pretoria. International students in Africa aiming to avail a Master’s degree spanning over a year can avail this. Along with these, students of LLM and MPhil in Human Rights & Democratization in Africa can also be awarded these scholarships.

International students having a LLB or honors degree in relevant disciplines are also welcome to avail this programs and a selected number of students are chosen every year.

Scholarship Opportunities For International Students In Africa

17. Monash University Scholarships

Any international student hailing from the continent of Africa and other international students can avail this scholarship if they qualify based on their previous academic excellence. These are for undergraduate study programs in Africa.

18. African Leadership Academy (ALA) Fellowship for Young African Leaders

This can be availed for a maximum of 2 years of studies and international students having covered their undergraduate education in the last 5 years are welcome to avail this. The academy aims to work with exceptional young scholars and provides them all kinds of benefits along with the financial aid such as accommodation facilities, bursaries for daily living expenses and another for travel expedition pertinent to the field of study.

19. MasterCard Foundation Scholarships at University of Pretoria (UP)

Designed for the international students with excellent academic careers and a proof of an actual need of financial support these scholarships are for local as well as international students looking for higher studies abroad in Africa. International students interested in undergraduate programs in Management Sciences as well as Economics can avail this. Some other courses included in this financial aid program are Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Education and Humanities and Engineering.

20. MasterCard Foundation Scholarships at University of Cape Town (UCT)

These are provided to students from countries in the sub-Saharan Africa and were developed in coalition with the MasterCard Foundation. These are especially awarded to those who have displayed academic excellence and a genuine need for financial aid. Not only will you be awarded a stipend, but further career guidance and opportunities can be availed as well along with various internship opportunities.

They also have a great network of alumni and can be accessed for further guidance and support. Students hoping to get a Master’s degree can avail the scholarships provided by these programs.

21. Mandela Rhodes Scholarships for African Students

These are reserved for post-graduate masters and honors students going for higher studies abroad in Africa. This is a financial aid program that comes along with a leadership program in order to allow students to hone their leadership skills and develop brilliance in the field. International students can undertake academic courses spanning over 2 years maximum.

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These best scholarship opportunities for international students in Africa will surely come in handy for someone aiming for studying abroad in Africa. Not only does Africa offer great, economical education options, but also comes with a rich culture and a green environment that no one should miss.

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