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5 Ultimate Tips for preparation to crack the UPSC exam

UPSC is a public service exam that is also considered to be the most impressive exam in India. Crack the UPSC exam Along with providing a career path, it offers the opportunity to do something new and different for the country and communities.

Every year, millions of candidates from different corners of the country take this test. Most candidates spend months preparing for this test, while some students also acknowledge their previous knowledge to make their dream come true. It has been observed that the candidate who can be a teenager usually wins when he is engaged, hard-working, enthusiastic, and intelligent.

This test is considered to be the toughest because it is based entirely on general knowledge and expert level.

The Civil Service Examination is one of the most important and important exams in India, covering different levels, including the following:

  • IAS
  • IFS
  • IRS
  • IPS

All these tests are conducted each year under the supervision of the UPSC.

Tips for Crack The UPSC exam

1. Preparing oneself

Before you prepare for the UPSC exams, you should prepare yourself, because it is very important to have the will to pass the exams.

For better preparation, you should be prepared not only physically, but also mentally. In order to make your preparation effective, consider the time effectiveness, and set yourself the goals of preparing yourself fully to achieve these goals.

When you are ready to start preparing, you should look for the UPSC Patten for the exam and set the objectives along with the course material accordingly. Thus, for example, the UPSC exam has three levels and you should prepare according to these levels.

If you work as an employee, consider how much time you will give to prepare the material. Also, analyze whether you should continue the work or not. Thanks to the Internet, you can also study together with the work, because the Internet has made accessibility possible.


2. Create a Schedule

Before you become an officer, you should be responsible for timing yourself, just like an officer. This is mandatory because if you do not organize your time, you would not have the opportunity to win the tests.

Firstly, you should set up an appropriate timetable according to your daily routine. For example, if you have work, you should plan the timetable according to your work schedule, but if you do not, you should do it anyway. By following the timetable, you are better prepared for the exam. Remember that the timetable should be convenient and flexible, according to your routine.

A convenient timetable allows you to prepare for the exam in a simple and complete way. If you have an appointment, speak more effectively and that is what you need to prepare for the UPSC exam.

3. Updated Syllabus

The curriculum is the only compulsory reading for you and without it, you cannot sit the exam because preparing an irrelevant course is a waste of time and energy. In this curriculum, you will learn which books you need to buy and which knowledge you need to focus on. This will also differentiate your strengths and weaknesses.

The UPSC usually provides the curriculum for different levels of exams in the best way and updates it even when the board changes the curriculum. It is recommended to consult with the professionals who have passed the exam or with the teachers who help students prepare so that they know how the curriculum is being prepared.

Once you know the curriculum, remember that there are thousands of books on the market that can be helpful. Moreover, the curriculum will also help you to know the topics that require prioritization.

Except, you can also use online resources that are more effective because the online resources are extensive and the most up-to-date. There are various academies that provide virtual training to prepare for the exams.

4. Using Online Tools

There are several online websites that are useful for preparing for the UPSC exam. There are several virtual academies that facilitate learning, while there are numerous online educational tools.

Since we know that the UPSC exam is a combination of mathematics, physics, statistics, general knowledge, and many other subjects, you should use the online tool to get your preparation covered. For example, the GCD Calculator would help to get multiple numbers factored within seconds. However, manually factoring large numbers would take a lot of time.

Similarly, there are several platforms that provide the discussion function to discuss various issues within the community that will appear for the exams.

5. Writing practice

Whether you are learning from the printed books or online resources, it is advisable to note down the important things, because the important facts will help you correct yourself quickly at the time of the exam.

Remember that the essence of the UPSC is descriptive and you need to write a long description for different sections. In the descriptive section, you will usually find analytical writings, critical writings as well as communicative writings. In this regard, you should have more writing practice to follow time and complete your work within time.

During work, it may be difficult for you to master thinking and writing at the same time, which would only be possible if you practice it before it appears.

In UPSC, you must write the answer in the smallest words you can. To do this, you should practice writing in the most efficient way.

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