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Best Spanish Learning Programs For Students Around The World

Spanish language programs for international students
Spanish language programs for international students

Learning Spanish might seem a grueling task to many but learning Spanish by immersion is a far better alternative and much more efficient as well. Most people have their first contact with the Spanish language in school where they learn basic Spanish vernacular and conversational bits and pieces. From there to having full fledged thought processes in the Spanish language and conveying those in a well-articulated manner is a long journey.

In order to make this journey easier as a new student, international Spanish immersion programs, that is surrounding yourself with the native language speakers in a country where it’s the first language is much more effective.

Another great aspect of Spanish language programs for international students is that most of these provide accommodation opportunities within the local families. This makes not only the learning and mastery of the Spanish language easier but also helps the students immerse in the local culture, traditions and ways of life.

Things To Consider While Studying Spanish Abroad

The best and probably the worst part as well, of learning Spanish by immersion is the fact that your choices range over four continents and in there almost two dozen countries. These are all the places where Spanish is the native language.

Although Spanish is popular and one of the most sought after languages, the dialects and accents vary across all these nations. Therefore, it must be advised that if you have a certain place in mind where you aim to adopt a job placement later on after your Spanish study program then you must look for opportunities in the very same region so as to avoid the dialectic variances and confusions later on.

International Spanish immersion programs range from a few weeks to a few months. It is highly unlikely for anyone to gain full mastery of the Spanish language over a course of few weeks however one benefit of a compact and short Spanish study program is that it helps you figure out whether you would like to continue down this path or not.

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If you are inclined that way then you can also opt for Spanish study programs that not only provide immersive Spanish training but also help you find volunteer work either in the urban or rural regions based on your tastes and inclinations.

Below we have compiled a few options regarding Spanish programs abroad for you to choose from:

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List Of Nine Spanish Learning Programs For Students


This spans over the course of about 5 weeks along with accommodation within local families in Northern and Southern Spain. This also gives you the options to intern with local business or partake in research activities with the program itself all while you are studying Spanish language courses abroad.

If you are into landscapes and rural architecture then you can opt for the program’s excursion into the rural areas where students can engage with the local communities and learn about their food and history or even engage in the music scene.

2. Agualivar Spanish School

Want to explore some of the best regions of Spain while studying Spanish abroad? This program is for you. A beachfront villa is employed for accommodation of students within a local family. Here the students partaking in this program get to spend 12 hours each day practicing and refining their Spanish skills while getting the chances to travel and sight see all the beautiful landscapes around the city.

3. Maximo Nivel

They operate in Costa Rica, Peru and Guatemala. It is one of the most intensive programs when it comes to opting efficient Spanish language programs for international students. They also offer various options to secure credits for universities back home along with accommodation opportunities for the full immersive experience. Daily conversational groups are arranged for the practicing sessions in order to students to refine their Spanish skills hands on.

4. Tico Lingo

They organize Spanish studying programs in Costa Rica as well as Heredia. They have not only engaging classroom experience as told by the alumni but they also offer free coffee along with accommodation opportunities. What more could one want?

5. Buenos Aires TEFL Institute

Looking for a great travelling opportunity as well as Spanish programs abroad? Then Argentina’s Buenos Aires TEFL institute’s international Spanish immersion programs are for you. They not only provide a hands-on engaging Spanish learning experience but you can avail the opportunity to volunteer there as well. These volunteering programs range from micro finance to teaching and environmental conservation.  They offer classes that international students can curate based on their goals and present skill levels.

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This is based in Panama City and provides amazing opportunities for Spanish learning programs for students from all walks of life, be it a business student or a simple travel loving individual. They also provide private and group study sessions based on which you find more to your preferences. This is the one program where the alumni have claimed that it was a smooth integration when it came to adding this to their current lifestyle being as flexible as it is.

Panama City offers the opportunities to explore art, history and culture in the region all while availing you the opportunity for studying Spanish abroad.

7. Spanish In Nature

This might be the best of all the Spanish programs abroad based on the fact that it is immersive in its entirety. This is achieved by placing the student right within the local teachers’ home or by carefully curating small groups of people all with the same goal: studying Spanish learning programs for students abroad.

This tight knit non-conventional classroom of sorts helps the students refine their Spanish skills faster than seen elsewhere. It comes highly rated for its special attention to personal, close up teaching and learning experiences.

8. Linguistic Horizons

This is an intense internship for studying Spanish language courses abroad based in Peru. You can design your Spanish program based on your preference as they provide the option to customize. This comes along with the opportunity to opt for internships in Sacred Valley that ultimately leads to engagement with the local communities and makes the Spanish studying experience more up close and personal. The program could span over 2 weeks to 2 months.


Based in Costa Rica, it would be almost blasphemous to study Spanish abroad there and not engage with the locales and the locals. The rich costa Rican culture affords plentiful opportunities to indulge oneself all while studying and learning Spanish. This program provides accommodation and further support as well and helps navigate through any hiccups that an international student might suffer through this process.

They also run exchange programs across various cultures and this helps spark off conversations on various platforms while providing everyone involved a much-needed perspective.

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Watch this space for more helpful blogs on studying Spanish abroad, travelling abroad and finding the perfect program for you related to study abroad in Spain. Let us know your queries in the comment sections below!

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