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There are so many reasons to go Gaga over the Spanish language. This language is rich in culture and when one learns this language, they learn a whole value system or culture. Spanish culture is beautiful and the only way through which you can incorporate this culture in your soul in a divine way is to learn Spanish abroad.

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One of the most sought-after languages in the world, there are so many simple ways to learn Spanish. One can learn it in a classroom or in one’s college but we all know the quality of Spanish in such a scenario. In school or colleges of one’s native country, it is not possible for professors to come up with pure and original Spanish lessons with proper proficiency. Thus, the best way to incorporate this language into your bloodstream is by learning the language in a country where Spanish is an official language. Only these countries are able to impart the greatest Spanish language lessons overseas like no other.

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The good thing is that, Spanish is the official language of more than 21 countries. If you want to learn Spanish abroad then there is no dearth of options in this regard. You can go to 21 countries of your choice to learn this amazing language but before you head out, it is important that you weight all the options and see which country will suit you best in your pursuit of learning the Spanish language abroad economically. One can go to China to learn Chinese but if you cannot digest the Chinese food then there’s no point in going to China.

We all know that moving to another country isn’t easy task – there are many things to take into account since one has to take care of accommodation, travel needs, food, what the climate, lifestyle and culture is like and many other things before taking a major decision.  

It is very important to first look at your budget. See if your budget allows you to go to another country and if you will be able to afford the accommodation, food and shelter in another city. For someone who’s on a tight budget, there are many countries that offer economical Spanish language programs abroad, that are equally effective and enlightening.

Typical Cost To Learn Spanish Abroad

You cannot ignore the fact that you will have to consider three options before you head out to any country to learn any language. These three options are transportation, accommodation, food and the cost of living in other countries. It is also essential that you see which country is offering the cheapest yet most efficient Spanish programs and a cost of living within your range.

Below we are going to list few countries which offer top-notch, budget-friendly Spanish programs and will make your study abroad experience all-the-more exciting and enriching:

1. Ecuador

The most popular place in our list is Ecuador to Spanish language lessons overseas. Ecuador is located in South America and its location makes it the ideal place for all those who want to study Spanish overseas in a budget friendly way.

For instance if you head to Ecuador for learning Spanish language abroad, then you need to go to Quito –  it is that amazing city where you will find tons of Spanish learning institutions abroad and also an amazing culture that is not to  be missed.

There are Spanish institutions in other cities of Ecuador like Manta and Otavalo but with Quito, there are a lot more exceptional Spanish language learning options and study paths.

Ecuador offers its Spanish programs to all those who seek it. It doesn’t matter if you want to brush up your existing knowledge of Spanish or if you want to start anew, you can go for whatever you like in a pretty economical and effectual way.

The schools in Ecuador can tailor their programs according to your requirements. The Spanish language courses here can range from one week to a year and from 1 year to 2 years. Most probably you will be giving to 2 to 3 hours a day for your Spanish learning pursuit.

Most of the schools which offer Spanish programs also accommodate the students and they also provide the students with workplace, internships, volunteer placements and cultural activities. The fees of learning Spanish in Ecuador is less than all the other countries which offer Spanish programs and most probably the fee can range from $6 to $12 per hour. At the end of the program, students also qualify to obtain a diploma accredited by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education and culture.

If you want to learn Spanish in Ecuador then you can take into consideration these prestigious institutions which you can find in different cities of the country:

learn spanish in Ecuador

2. Spain

Although there are many exceptional places to learn Spanish, there’s no denying that nothing tops the list like Spain as it is the birthplace of the Spanish language.

Spain can provide you high quality Spanish learning options abroad and not just that, it also offers high quality housing options as well and is a very appealing country to live in.

There is one thing with Spain and that is, that the Spanish dialects are more original here then in any other country. Here one can find tons of Spanish language masters and they can impart valuable Spanish lessons to all those who seek it with enthusiasm.

For example, Valencia is an excellent option for learning Spanish language overseas. It is an amazing city that has a lot of green spaces and beaches. The best thing about this city is it offers economical Spanish learning programs overseas to all learners irrespective of their proficiency levels. Valencia offers affordable Spanish classes and simply by spending few euros an hour, you can be the next master of Spanish language.

best place to learn spanish is spain

3. Mexico

All those students who want to learn Spanish language in a semester-based system and in one of world’s most premium Spanish learning institutions abroad should head to Mexico. Well, it is a colourful country where you will find lots of music, beautiful meals and exotic places.

The best thing about Mexico is that it dazzles and astounds anyone who visits it and also offers affordable yet outstanding Spanish programs to all those students who come here to seek it. Here one can learn original, clean and professional Spanish language in a time span of 1 to 2 years while also embracing a lovely culture that is known globally.

This country offers brilliant Spanish programs at affordable rates for all and is the best place for students who want to learn Spanish abroad. It is a vibrant country with deep values, serene beaches and everything beautiful that will surely make your study abroad experience all-the-more cherished and exciting. You can avail top-notch Spanish learning programs here in $3000 per year and not just that, along with this you will get the recommendation and workplace as well.

While in the Mexican State, you can always head to Yucatan, famous for its Gulf of Mexico beaches, to learn Spanish as well. The city has some superb Spanish Language Teaching Institutions La Calle Spanish School, Institute Of Modern Spanish, Spanish Center Mérida and many others to help you in your goal. The city also offers a massive pyramid, well-preserved sculptures and outstanding stone temples to its visitors for them to capture the essence of history exquisitely and enjoy their stay there.

Maxico best place to learn spanish

4. Colombia

For someone wishing to surround themselves amongst mountains, endless natural rivers, expositions, museums and gardens should definitely head to Colombia. This amazing country offers some of the finest and most economical Spanish learning programs overseas for all those who seek to learn Spanish in an economical way while also enjoying rich culture and breath-taking views. Although the Spanish language here is not as pure as in Mexico or Spain but it is clean. The dialects are easy and one can master the language in a time span of 6 – 8 months, without causing a dent in their pockets, whilst enjoying scrumptious food and the tranquility of Mother Nature.

Colombia with most people speaking spanish

5. Bolivia

The last country on our list is Bolivia. Although the country’s economy is still in its development phase, it is still rich in culture. There are all sorts of Spanish learning options abroad here for aspirants of every proficiency level and background and one can grasp pure and clean Spanish in Bolivia without bothering much about the budget.

Moreover this country is beautiful and one can enjoy amazing cuisine and accommodation here with stunning Spanish lessons. The people here are welcoming and it is a super-welcoming place for all those who want to incorporate the principles of Spanish language into their souls by learning Spanish abroad. When in Bolivia, you can always head to La Paz and Sucre – these are the best places to study Spanish there with programs costing you not more than $2500 per year and a reasonable cost of living as well.

Bolivia another spanish learning option abroad

These places should be your go-to if you have a deep-rooted desire for learning Spanish language abroad and also wish to embark on a study abroad journey for a wholesome experience of a lifetime. Not only do experiences like these polish you professionally but also enhance your interpersonal skills and personality exceptionally.


We wish you all the very best in your pursuit of learning Spanish language abroad.

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