Top Destinations To Volunteer Abroad In 2024

volunteering opportunities worldwide
volunteering opportunities worldwide

Sometimes one can’t really pinpoint exactly what they aim to do in life or where they want to go or what their next step should be. In such cases, nothing beats the outstanding experience, in-depth training and rich knowledge that the various activities of volunteering abroad brings.

Top Destinations To Volunteer Abroad

Being out of your comfort zone, away from your home and amongst total strangers is a good way to not only jerk back to life your original intentions when you started off on the course of your career or life in general but you also get to help out others around the world which in itself is a fulfilling experience.

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Once all this is settled, next step is to decide where you would like to volunteer out of all the diversified choices that are offered throughout the globe. Below we offer some insight into the Top Destinations To Volunteer Abroad:


Peru is one of the most preferred places to volunteer abroad as it offers some of the best volunteering abroad experience. Following the 2017 flood, even to this day, Peru requires volunteers in order to help assuage the damages it went through. You could either volunteer for a conversational cause or go around collecting data or surveys and researches.

 If helping kids around the world is your passion then you could opt for programs that require mentors for children and volunteers to keep them off the Lima streets or simply teach English to kids and adults while you get to avail the opportunity to immerse in local culture.


Australia is widely known for its biodiversity be it wildlife or landscapes. It offers various opportunities for incredible volunteering abroad experiences from rescue programs for wildlife to conservation of the environment. There are volunteering opportunities not only in nature parks or along the coast but rehabilitation centers are also set up. Tree-kangaroos are looked after at these centers and if you have a passion for wildlife or just love for animals in general then it’s one of the best places to volunteer abroad for you.

Australia has some of the most beautiful locales around the world and an increasing need for new volunteers everyday so you know you will be doing your part in helping out those in need.


This is a territory in the US that is still undergoing rigorous development and has an intricate political climate and history. All this points towards its genuine need for volunteers and thus offers one of the finest volunteering abroad programs.

Those who lean towards environmental preservation are required most of all as the nation’s natural locales have not only been injured and damaged by natural disaster but by human irresponsibility as well. Houses in general also underwent some damages by hurricanes that happened back in 2017 and volunteers are required to help with their repair.

You will not only be helping those in need but also have the opportunity to soak in the gorgeous sprawling landscapes and waters of the country.


Truly one of the most developed countries in Asia and a major tech hub, Japan offers some of the premium volunteering abroad programs with great scope of training and rich experience. Your skills might come in handy while helping out not only the local’s children but elders and disabled as well. If you are a native English speaker you can volunteer to teach English too.

This all comes with the great opportunity to experience the Japanese culture that is one the most unique cultures around the world. You can find accommodation with local families in order to immerse deeper into the Japanese culture while introducing them to the culture of your native country as well.

Top Destinations To Volunteer Abroad


Bangkok is the first thing that comes to mind when Thailand is mentioned. The number of monasteries and temples exceed count along with sprawling costliness and mountains. This is where the locales are so diverse that you can custom make an atmosphere of your choice and you WILL find it in Thailand.

If you’re an animal lover, then Thailand is undoubtedly your go-to with ample remarkable volunteering opportunities worldwide.  They have care centers for tiger cubs and rehabilitation centers for elephants. If you prefer interaction with human more then you could teach English while volunteering within local communities while getting the opportunity to soak up the local culture and heritage.


If you are someone who enjoys the well-earned satisfaction of overcoming a tough challenge then Cuba is one of the best places to volunteer abroad. For over 50 years, various political and social causes kept a rift between Cuba and the world countries that sided with the US but things have gotten significantly better and stable overtime. Yes, there are limited opportunities in Cuba for those looking for diversified volunteering abroad experiences but various organizations are actively working on providing safer and multiple opportunities for volunteers from all across the globe.

Coral reef conservation is one of the major volunteer programs in Cuba and good for those interested in environmental preservation. Another such volunteering abroad program is sea turtle preservation drive. They also have health and education related volunteering opportunities for those who lean towards that arena.

All this will not only help volunteers make a positive impact in the world in general but also help them experience a unique culture that so far has only been seen in movies or read about in books. Havana which is the capital of Cuba is a majorly famous city and focuses more on the social development hence tourism is thriving there.


Indonesia has multiple islands and by multiple we mean 17000. This is a country where volunteering opportunities are at every nook and corner and most are located on some of the biggest of its islands. If you are looking to volunteer abroad and don’t know find most places to provide a wide variety of options then this is for you.

From nonprofit organizations to healthcare, education and even agriculture along with wildlife rescue and conservation opportunities, Indonesia is rapidly emerging as the hub of volunteering abroad programs and opportunities.

Yes, it does have its cons, such as the geographical instability that comes with housing some of the major volcanic activity and earthquake prone regions. It is generally advised for people choosing volunteering abroad in Indonesia to get debriefed on safety procedures beforehand.

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Who hasn’t heard of the sprawling jungles of Vietnam? This place is packed with volunteering opportunities worldwide and a rich tourism experience with its islands and national parks. If you are looking to volunteer abroad in arenas of humanitarian aid and community service then this is the place for you.

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There are still aftermaths of Agent Orange (a defoliant chemical and herbicide used during the Vietnam war to eradicate crops and forests covers by the U.S Military) that some of the locals are going through and you could volunteer to work with these people as well.


This is a bio diverse Central America country that boasts of various distinctive ecosystems. However, the environmental resources in Guatemala are flimsy and require rigorous preservation. If that is your calling then Guatemala is one of the best places to volunteer abroad. Coffee farming and reforestation of the coffee fields is another big ongoing project and volunteers are required to help the local farmers get the greatest benefit out of their efforts.

You could also volunteer abroad in Guatemala on various construction sites or provide medical and dental care in the Mayan Highlands. All this with the opportunity to soak up not only the culture but the beautiful landscapes and the opportunity to mingle with the locals makes this a great choice for an exceptional volunteering abroad experience.


If you are not perturbed by rapidly changing and transitioning sociopolitical climate then South Africa can surely give you one of the top-most volunteering opportunities worldwide. Apart from Ghana and Kenya which are already the most popular choices for international volunteers, there are big cities such as Cape Town and Jo’berg that also surprisingly require volunteer work. It has distinctive and unique local traditions, languages and customs and you will get to immerse in these while providing aid whether you choose to volunteer in the rural sprawls or the urban landscapes.

You can choose to teach music or English to children and help them learn how to surf OR you could opt for wildlife conservation drives where endangered species are daily brought back from the brink of extinction.

best places to volunteer abroad 2022

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