Best Places To Study For International Students Who Enjoy Travelling

best places for travel and study

University is that time of the life for most students where they go through the most rigorous and thorough period of growth as well as change. This growth and change cycle occurs when you are bombarded with fresh opportunities and unique experiences every single day or may be most days a week. Sometimes staying at the state university at home can really hinder running into these opportunities.

Best Places To Study For International Students

Small towns further exacerbate this situation since after a while there are no new things to explore. This may lead to many students writing off university life as boring and in turn burning out easily while not really reaching their full potential during the most crucial years of their lives. Apart from this obvious need for stimulation, some students just like travelling. Plus studying abroad you might just make big savings since many of these places are affordable.

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Not only this, but it brings about a certain penchant for adaptability in people, builds up tolerance for all kinds of different things and people. For such students and many more, we have compiled a list of countries abroad where pursuit of education and thrill could be achieved at the same time so we can tell you can Best Places To Study For International Students.

  1. South Korea

Surprisingly enough, this is number one on the list of countries for top study abroad places for travel loving students. Owing its ranking to a certain science fiction quality of the place given to the recent modernization with top notch technology, beautiful landscapes to scour along with beaches, islands, hiking trails, places of worship and let us not forget that with the rise of KPOP in recent years and its thorough infiltration of the pop culture worldwide, south Korea has become one of the most sought after locations for travel opportunities for international students.

Also, how can we forget the world-class shopping malls? Travelling around in South Korea becomes easy as well given to their top notch public transport system.

Most sought after courses for international students studying abroad in this country are the local languages, business as well as computer sciences. Making the most of your student’s life in South Korea could be achieved by going after the food streets and various kinds of entertainment outlets.  If you are looking for specific recommendations, look no further because the famous city of Seoul in South Korea is where most international students looking for travel opportunities abroad go to.

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This is no surprises given how the city is littered with technology not even thought of in other places in the world. It’s stupendously advanced for a city and more and more progress is still being made. This is a mere introduction to the opportunities offered by South Korea for international students who love travelling and we have only just passed a cursory glance. There is much more that can only be seen with your own eyes for you to believe.

International students who love travelling

  1. China

China is fast emerging as one of the world’s leaders and superpowers and that should be reason enough to choose this for their higher education abroad. Plus it’s a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. However, being one of the world’s oldest cultures, well-built and exquisitely planned cities, breathtaking landscapes, myriads of food choices to explore that you genuinely will not find anywhere else in the entire world as well as various opportunities to learn make it a top choice as well.

Even though many universities teach courses in the local language, there are some that offer students to opt for courses in English. Beijing and Hong Kong are prime; most sought after cities in China and should be on the top of your list as well. They offer courses such as business studies, economics, global affairs and political science.

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Travel opportunities for International students in China are never scarce given how vast it is and how much it has to offer. It is also a very affordable option for students and one of best countries to study and travel since everything is really cheap, even the cost of travelling, you just have to brush up on your Mandarin a little.

Best Places To Study For International Students

  1. France

A great country for tourists and international students who love travelling, it has everything a European country can offer. Plus there is Paris and the Eiffel Tower to see. If you prefer the bustle of city life or the close-knit culture of the countryside or smaller cities, France has got you covered.

The great food, the language, the fountains and major tourist spots and art galleries is what makes it as attractive as one of the best countries to study and travel for international students. It not only offers courses in arts and art history but there is also top- notch research going on in science and engineering.

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Although the major city that attracts most outside attention is Paris and hence it is much on the pricey side there are other for example Lyon where you can go if you are on a budget.

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  1. Japan

The utter rarity of a country like Japan and the opportunities it could offer to international students who love travelling. Given its rich history and participation in much of the world history led to japan becoming a place that had to remain within its own sphere for a substantial amount of time, this led to it becoming and developing into a thing so rare that most people gawk at the idiosyncrasies of the locals and the place.

This however is not bad at all if you are looking for best places to travel in university life because this helps widen your palate of tastes and inclinations and anyone who takes travelling seriously knows that that’s what it’s all about. Look out for courses in science and technology or innovation, finance, business, Asian and cultural studies etcetera as they have perfected the art of all these.

 Many schools offer these courses in English for international students studying abroad as well. You could also learn the local language which is obviously going to help with understanding the most famous local digital art form called “Anime” as well as video games. The food there is also something you have never had so now you must have it at every opportunity.

For travel lovers, there are many landscapes and local attractions both in the city and the rural settings. And who hasn’t heard of Tokyo. All of these are made possible by the top notch public transport and their devotion to the dispersion of some high level education.

best places to travel in university life

  1. Australia

Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, Margot Robbie and many many more of your favorite actors hail from none other than Australia. The accent gave it away. Plus who hasn’t heard of the local wildlife stories that you will definitely not hear of anywhere else in the world. The opera house in Sydney is the best thing ever and so might be the 24/7/365 sunshine, yes, even in winters. And these are all the things that we know of.

There is this and so much more and if you are an international student who loves travelling then this should be high on your list of options. Plus English is there first language which makes its really easy to overcome the culture shock for international students.

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World famous cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth offer top notch higher education centers and universities and in your free time you can either explore the landscapes, the wildlife, the coastal citifies, beaches, food or the indigenous cultures along with myriads of opportunities for activities like kayaking, scuba diving, and etcetera.

When it comes to education, students can take advantage of the myriads of courses including animal science, marine biology, geology as well as art studies and high level technology.

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  1. Spain

Spain is colorful, tasteful, adventurous and one of the top destinations for International students who love travelling. The food is to die for, the landscapes and local cultures are breathtaking, nightlife is copious, football is an epidemic and the architecture is thorough. Plus many universities offer courses in English so international students studying abroad will fit right in.

These courses can range from business and arts to politics and architecture along with many others that come with the option of Spanish language immersion. It is one of the best places for travel in university life because morning classes are not a thing here given to the local penchant for sleeping in late.  Hence it keeps you both on your toes and relaxed at the same time. Plus it is as cheap as they come when it comes to travel destinations abroad for international students.

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  1. Italy

A fan of pizza? Gelatos? Walking on pavements? Or just simply great artistry? Then Italy is the place for you. A top study abroad place for travel loving students, you can find this place enriched with historical significance and breathtaking architecture that is what you can study there as well. Along with that business and art students famously go there to chase there passion.

And then there is Milan for anyone who is interested in a career in fashion. You can also study vocal performance, hospitality and tourism if that is your inclination. There is not just country life with glorious fields and vineyards but also cities that offer beautiful architecture and nightlife. All this makes it one of the best travel opportunities for international students.

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This is not and cannot be the exhaustive list of travel opportunities for international students and there are so many more out there for those with a keen eye and sense of adventure.

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These include Germany (STEM studies alongside skill development) along with Brazil ( vibrant culture and friendly people), South Africa(for the unique hands on experience, local culture and rich local history), Argentina(the University of Buenos Aires is world famous), United Kingdom(London is the mecca of business and culture) and of course United States of America(famous for its campus life) are some of the other options you could explore if you are an international students who loves travelling.

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