Unlocking Global Opportunities: A Guide to Applying for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship

Queen Elizabeth Scholarship eligibility

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship is a part of The Association of Commonwealth Universities. The network stretches over 1 million competent academic staff, helping and guiding around 10 million students worldwide. The association includes over 400 member universities, and around 70% of them are from under-developing and underprivileged countries.

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships (QECS) program offers a chance to study more for a two-year Master’s degree in a Commonwealth-associated country. This is a golden chance for students who want to polish their academic and professional skillset in a new country. An opportunity that helps to ameliorate one’s confidence, seek a better global network, and have a transformative life experience.

The applications open twice a year, and candidates can apply once in November/December and the second in March/April. You can also apply more than once if you are willing to study in some other country.

Global scholarship opportunities

Commonwealth Scholarship

Commonwealth scholarships are funded by the UK to help underprivileged deserving students with their education. Every year, it is awarded to around 700 students to help them study in the UK and achieve their dreams. If you are a talented individual and you think that your contribution to society is necessary to make a change, this scholarship is a golden opportunity for you to learn and explore more in the world.

The scholarship program offers wide options and themes such as science and technology, management of crises, global prosperity studies, reinforcing health systems, resilience, and global peace, inclusion, and more.

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There are unlimited options to study from with no constraints. However, priority is given to students who have done relevant studies and have similar developmental criteria. Hence, anyone who fulfills the eligibility criteria should try to participate! ScholarAce is here to take away the hassle of the scholarship process. All you have to do is contact them.

Commonwealth Scholarships

What does the Scholarship Include?

As a fully funded scholarship, the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth scholarship includes all the study and class expenses. As part of the award, you’ll get extra money to help with your living expenses while you’re in the program. They’ll also pay for your plane tickets to and from the country where the program is happening, so you don’t have to worry about that.

When you arrive, you’ll get some extra money to help with any immediate expenses you might have. And if you need more money for your research, you can ask for it, and if they approve, they’ll give you some extra cash to support your studies.

Overall, these perks make sure you can focus on the program without stressing about money. The programs also ensure that students are provided with a warm clothing allowance if needed. Are you looking for someone to help you with the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth scholarship? Well, you can contact ScholarAce. We are best for this.

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How To Get Yourself Enrolled For The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship?

If you’re looking to get yourself enrolled for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth scholarship, firstly, you need to select a country to study your course; for that, you have to visit the website, read through the list of hosting countries and universities included in this scholarship program, and check out them for more information.

After choosing your country, you must complete the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship application form for your respective course/university by clicking the ‘Apply now’ option. On this page, you must log in, but if you don’t have an account, you will click the ‘Get Started’ option and create a myACU account to get started with your application process.

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Now, carefully fill out the form and submit it to your desired university. If you provide wrong information, the association holds the right to reject or cancel your application. If you want to get help with this scholarship, you can get in touch with ScholarAce.

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship Eligibility and Selection Criteria

For this scholarship, you must fulfill the following requirements. The citizenship requirements include students from Australia, as well as domestic and international students. It is necessary for applicants to be citizens or to hold refugee status in an applied commonwealth country.

While you are applying for the scholarship, you must have completed your bachelor’s degree and graduated with an equivalent of a 2:1. Make sure that you apply to study in countries other than your home country. The awards are only hosted by low or middle-income countries.

Applicants are also advised to continuously visit the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship website to stay up to date with any new policies or conditions for eligibility. At ScholarAce, we have a team of expert writers who can help you with the personal statement and the entire scholarship process if you want to enroll yourself.

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship Deadline

The latest application cycle opened on November 15, 2023, and closed on January 15, 2024. The second cycle for applications is expected to open in March 2024. Scholarace consists of pro writers who can not only help you with enrolling for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship, but they can also help you with writing personal statements and other things.

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship Seats

The number of scholarships awarded in Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth scholarships is around 30 in the twice-a-year cycle.


For ages, the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship has been a source of empowerment for communities, strengthening the healthcare system, addressing gender roles, and supporting deserving students in need of improving their skills.


Who can apply for a Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship (QECS)?

Anyone from a Commonwealth country, including citizens or those who have refugee status, can apply.

Can I apply for a QECS in my own country?

No, you can’t. QECS applicants need to apply for the scholarship in a country that’s not their home country or where they hold citizenship. If you’re a refugee, you should apply as if you were a citizen of the country that has given you refugee status.

Is there an age limit for QECS awards?

No, there isn’t. You can apply for a QECS Award regardless of your age.

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