Turnitin AI Detection Tool: Exploring Its Amazing Reliability For AI Plagiarism Detection – January 2024

Turnitin AI Detection

Artificial Intelligence is quite popular these days and it infiltrates our lives on a daily basis. AI controls everything in a modern household, from our electronic appliances to smart home devices to home security systems. But AI is not limited to our households only; it has taken the social, political, and educational milieu by storm.

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AI tools like ChatGPT are fairly popular among students, research scholars, and writers, as they can generate thousands of words with just a single click. But, with the rise of content-generation AI tools, there has also been a surge in AI detection software such as Turnitin, GPTZero, or even Open AI.

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For professors, these AI detection tools are a reliable way of checking whether the student has used ChatGPT for content production or not. In this article, we will discuss how reliable Turnitin AI Detection is in terms of detecting plagiarism in an academic paper and what mechanisms it employs for this purpose.

Plagiarism Checking tools

What is Plagiarism?

Have you ever written an academic paper by simply copying the original idea from somebody else’s book, research paper, or even assignment? It means that you have unknowingly produced plagiarized content. The proper procedure for producing non-plagiarized content is to credit the original author for their work. You can either mention it directly. For example, in the XYZ book, I came across these results. Alternatively, you can also mention the source of information at the end of the sentence.

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Is Plagiarism Serious Offence and are there any Consequences?

If you have copied somebody else’s work without giving them credit, then it means that you have committed plagiarism. There are several consequences of plagiarising your content, which can vary depending upon the type and degree.

A mild level of AI plagiarism detection is when a student cites the text but forgets to mention it in the references list. It is a type of plagiarism that has no consequences or punishment. Your instructor may just point it out for you, but they won’t act. Then comes the moderate level of AI plagiarism detection. It is when the student copies off a content but changes a few words. In such plagiarism, your professor can give you a failing grade on your paper.

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The most severe form of plagiarism can lead to probation or even expulsion from the institute. A severe form of plagiarised content is either written by someone else other than the student or includes a complete copy-paste of the content.


What can be Done to Detect Plagiarism?

Writing a research paper can get tricky with all the academic stress, leaving you with no other option but to copy content from online sources. But remember, minor mistakes, such as not crediting the original author or copying content from online resources, can lead to a bad grade even though the paper was written with the best intentions.

For such reasons, accessing an online plagiarism checker that gives accurate results is critical to avoid plagiarism claims. Many plagiarism checkers can serve this purpose. However, Turnitin leads its competitors as one of the most reliable and authentic platforms for detecting copied content.

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What Is Self Plagiarism?

Apart from the commonly known types of plagiarism, there is also self-plagiarism that people rarely know about. Here is a scenario for you to consider. A student writes an assignment on one topic, submits it, and then writes an assignment on another topic but on a similar subject. Unknowingly, they plagiarise their own content. This practice is termed as self-plagiarism.

To avoid this, it is suggested that students check all their assignments with a plagiarism checker before submission.

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Why Is Turnitin AI Detection the Best Plagiarism Checker?

Turnitin AI Detection, without a doubt, is included in the list of the best plagiarism-checking software in the world. According to Turnitin’s official website, it can easily detect nine different types of plagiarism. But the real question is: Are AI detectors accurate? Well, a majority of researchers may vouch for their accuracy and reliability. However, we cannot deny the fact that these tools come with their own share of problems that cannot be ignored. Several AI-detecting tools claim up to 95 to 97% accuracy, but their content is still prone to false positives and lack of quality and originality.

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Turnitin AI Detection claims to produce significantly fewer false positive reports, and presents results in the form of percentage. Some other benefits of accessing an academic paper through Turnitin AI Detection includes:

  • 100% guaranteed result
  • User-friendly interface
  • The submitted document is compared with over 15,00,000 articles in the database.
  • Supports 150+ languages. It means that students can check assignments in different languages, like German, French, and many more.
  • Employs latest algorithms to detect plagiarism


Plagiarism Detection

How AI Detectors Work?

Turnitin AI Detection is quite transparent when it comes to its AI detection systems and their workings. According to their blog on how Turnitin works, when an academic paper is assessed, the AI breaks the submitted document into smaller sections. These sections are not considered separate segments. Instead, every section overlaps the other so that all of it makes sense.

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Then, the AI runs it against millions of online sources to check whether it was copied or generated using AI technology. At the end of the assessment, the AI writing detection calculates how much of each section is plagiarised with AI.

The latest technology at Turnitin is built on the transformer model that accurately predicts the next word in a statistical pattern. Moreover, AI-generated content also contains errors in facts and figures, something which is rarely found in human content. If you are wondering how Turnitin detects chatbots, it does so through the same procedure. The Turnitin plagiarism report has a blue square box on the right corner that shows the percentage of AI in an assignment.

Ai detection tools

What is the Importance of AI Writing Detection?

The reality is that AI is taking over several industries of the world, including academic institutions, and is not going away any time soon.

According to a 2023 study, students were three times more likely to generate content using AI tools like chatGPT than before. This study indicates how students heavily rely on AI technology for academic purposes. Due to these studies, many institutions have blocked the web address of all AI writing tools.

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However, students have easy access to digital space all the time. They have their own phones, laptops, and tablets through which they can easily access these AI writing tools. In the same study, 46 percent of students claimed they would continue to use ChatGPT, even though their school or academic institutions forbid them. Many online assignment writing services are available that help students draft assignments, but most of these are plagiarised. 

Some students claim that they use these tools to overcome writer’s block or generate ideas. However, the actual question is where they should draw a line when it comes to using them. During its launch week, Turnitin AI Detection assessed around 38.5 million papers, of which 3.5% detected about 80 to 100% AI-produced content. Using the AI writing detection tool helps professors control the aftermaths of this new technology while they successfully tackle its drawbacks.

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How Accurate are the Results from Turnitin?

Turnitin AI Detection’s primary purpose is to enhance academic integrity and prevent detection. It gives significantly fewer false positive results, around less than 1%. However, the lecturers must also know that Turnitin AI Detection alone cannot prove misconduct. When analyzing the report, giving students the benefit of the doubt is always preferred.

Ai checking

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Our round-the-clock support service ensures that you can access your report any time of the day without any issues. Moreover, your plagiarism report will remain saved on the Turnitin AI Detection database, and the report will not be altered if you wish to view it online. So what are you waiting for? Get your plagiarism report today, and ensure you do not get flagged by your instructor for plagiarised content.

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